Dress to Impress: 4 Looks to WOW People at the Office!

Dress to Impress: 4 Looks to WOW People at the Office!

Looking your best at the office can be done easily if you have the right knowledge and the right tools to do so. You spend an awful lot of time at work, so you may as well use it as a way to play with looks and styles.

The office needn't be a place for boring colors, dark patterns, and ill-fitting clothes. 

What knowledge do you need to have to look great at the office? Knowing what looks work well for what occasions, how to dress down (or dress up!) a look quick, and a general understanding of seasonal fabrics goes a long way.

So what are the tools? Well, the right garments of course! 

The keys to creating great looks at the office are - respecting the dress code, wearing great-fitting clothing, keeping your fabrics and colors in season, and dressing for the right situation. 

Here are four looks that work well for a day in the office.

Look #1: Mixing up your suit look with a fun and whimsical dress shirt makes your look interesting.

What makes this look work well is that the new navy of the suit plays in to the lighter colors of the fish pattern on the shirt. The pattern of the shirt is still subtle enough that someone would have to look a little closer to see that it is, in fact, fish!

If you wear a suit to work every day, consider mixing up the color of your suit and swapping our standard sport shirts for something fun. 

Look #2: Browns & blues play so nice together!

This look is more casual - Ticknors style experts paired a tan jean with the sport shirt and coat. However, this is a great way to wear a shirt with a bolder pattern. This plaid is larger than normal but choosing a blue monochromatic textured coat takes the plaid down to an acceptable level for the office. 

An office that tends to be more casual, or perhaps an office that loves a good casual Friday is the best place for this look. 

Look #3: Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves at work.

This is a look that can work well with the coat on or off. If you have a big presentation and need to ooze confidence, rock the sport coat. If your afternoon is full of team meetings, brain storm sessions, and good old fashion writing - take the coat off and roll up your sleeves while still looking stylish.

A contrast cuff is a surefire way to look polished without a coat on. With a great sport shirt like this, you'll never look out of style.

Look #4: Don't shy away from non-traditional sport coat colors.

Don't shy away from a more non-traditional color for a sport coat. In this look, the oatmeal-color sport coat is paired with a polo with a subtle navy pattern and grey dress pants.

While the sport coat has a more casual patch pocket the look over all is dressy enough for a majority of offices but casual enough to transition to an afterwork network event with ease.


This summer try out a few new tricks to pump warm weather in to your look. The Ticknors style experts hope you find some style inspiration from these looks to help you bring fun summer style in to the office!