How To Have a Bit More Fun With Your Clothes This Winter

How To Have a Bit More Fun With Your Clothes This Winter

How To Have a Bit More Fun With Your Clothes This Winter

We’ll admit it: the winter months are not usually the most fun time of year both weather-wise and overall glumness-wise. Between the short, grey days and the bitter cold temperatures, it can be a time that you want to curl up and run out the clock until spring. Although many of us are thinking about new year’s resolutions and health and fitness changes this time of year, the new year can be a great time to try something new and make some changes when it comes to your clothing and sartorial choices. Maybe you’re the type that falls back to old classics like solid greys, blues, and blacks, but long for something with a little extra “pop,” or perhaps you find yourself with a solid selection of clothes you love, but want to spice your outfits a bit. Even though it may seem like a tough time to make any wardrobe upgrades this time of year, winter can be a great time to do it because you don’t even need to make huge changes to make an impact. With layered outfits and ways to accessorize with things like scarves and vests that aren’t as available in the warmer months it really can be used to your advantage.

Is it time for you to resolve to be a little more fun and adventurous with your clothing? Here are a few tips:

Make Patterns Your Friend

Patterns like plaid and all-over prints add a great level of interest to an outfit — especially if it’s the base of an outfit like a sport shirt layered layered with a sweater or jacket (or both).

Keep in mind what color family you’re wearing so that you don’t throw off your look with mismatched colors — but don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. Camo with plaid? Why the heck not? 

Let Your Pocket Square Do The Talking

Pocket squares can seem like the hidden secret—the ace in the hole—that can take your outfit from an 8.5 to a 10 on the style scale. Use them to add some spice and personality into your outfits. The best part? They’re easy to wear and hard to overthink. Just choose a pocket square that you like and that fits with your outfit’s color family and call it a day.

Flip Those Cuffs

Many sport shirts add some hidden detail under the cuff of your shirt to add a stylish element of surprise when you roll up your sleeves or if you want to flip over the cuff of your shirt outside of your sweater. Here’s another nice tip: Many times, these flip-cuff details use complimentary colors to your shirt and can guide you in what color other accessories like your pocket square or scarf could be. 

Try a Scarf on For Size

Functional and fashionable. A great scarf adds extra dimension to your look and is a great way to add pops of color to your day. What’s not to love?

Think About Texture

Different fabric types and textures can make a big difference in the way an outfit looks. An otherwise standard-looking outfit can look so much better when you’re wearing a great sweater or jacket with texture that looks—and feels—awesome.


Make a Change This Winter

If you’re feeling inspired to pick up some great new outfits for this season, stop in to any Ticknors location and get to it. Or if you’re short on time or not sure where to start, book an appointment with a Ticknors Style Advisor to see all of the options available to you and to put together a wardrobe and a look that you’ll love!