How To Store Your Winter Clothes

How To Store Your Winter Clothes

How To Store Your Winter Clothes

As we begin to transition into warmer weather (yes, spring is almost here), it’s time to begin thinking about switching out your winter wardrobe for spring. Sounds pretty simple, and really it is, but we wanted to provide a few expert pointers that we’ve learned over the years.

So follow these simple storage tips and ensure that your clothes will be in good shape when you pull them back out in another six months.

Use Garment Bags

Store your leather jackets, wool suits, and heavy sweaters in a nice garment bag (which we supply at the store when you buy them — so you probably already own some!). Your garment bag should be mesh and breathable — this will keep your clothing safe until it is time to break them back out in the fall.

Know Your Fold

Fold sweaters and winter sport shirts and stack them instead of relying on hangers. You’ll save storage space in your closet and will retain the shape of your garments.

Avoid Wire Hangers

Don't hang sweaters on thin/wire hangers. Over time they will indent in the shoulder of the sweater and will show when you are wearing it. We recommend thick wooden hangers if you have them available.

Keep Some Warmer Clothes Nearby

Keep any lightweight sweaters with a good spring-time color within reach — it’ll still be chilly enough to wear them for the first half of the season.

Take Inventory Of Your Closet

This is the perfect time to take stock of what spring clothing you have available to you and where you need to fill in with new clothes for the season. Whether you need to stock up on shorts, jeans, polos or t-shirts, your local Ticknors is adding inventory every week as we flip our own collections over from fall and winter clothing to spring and summer clothing! Stop in at your local store or check our collection out online and we’ll help set you up for spring.