How To Style For Fall

How To Style For Fall

It’s October… and that means fall weather is finally starting to settle in for most of us. And with that comes a switch into fall clothing—layered outfits, heavier fabrics, different colors and even new and unique prints and patterns. This time of year offers so many great options for the stylish man to choose from! 

If you’re in a part of the country that has dramatic shifts in weather from season to season you’re already familiar with that weird time when you experience a huge temperature variance throughout the day (as we’re writing this article it’s 48 degrees—with a high of 71 today!) and know how to dress for transitional weather. But as we move into more steady (and lower) temperatures you may be left scratching your head with how to build up your autumn wardrobe. 

While the garments may be similar for men from season to season there certainly are unique differences in the types of fabrics and options that are available to you to keep you comfortable and looking effortlessly stylish. Here are some of our best style tips for dressing for fall and looking great in the process.

Give New Fabrics a Try

Consider a shift to heavier fabrics like wool blends or Cashmere wool during this season. The thicker fabrics will help keep you warm and add a depth to your outfit that is missed in the summer (because who wants to layer thick fabrics in the blazing heat?!).

We’re huge fans of the great textures that come out this time of year and think that you will be too.


Break Out The Leather

A great leather jacket can be a timeless look that makes anyone look great, but not all leather jackets are created equal. Gone are the days of baggy and oversized leather jackets with stiff leather and ill-fitting, unflattering shape. Modern leather jackets, like this extra-soft lambskin by Remy in black with brown trim, or this dark-coffee brown leather from Remy, sport a modern fit with super soft and wearable leather that will look great with denim and a t-shirt or even with a business casual outfit.

Welcome The Rich Color Choices

When spring and summer come around, so do the pastel and lighter and brighter color tones. But when fall rolls around, things get a little more rich and deep. This season, expect to see great choices in the red and purple color families, like burgundy, brick, lavender and violets. These colors match the natural colors that we see in nature this time of year and add some personality and vibrancy to your outfits without being too bright.

Go For Flannel and Knits

When you don’t want to layer up with a sweater or sport coat, a casual button-up like knit sport shirts or a flannel is a great option. These shirts look great and are comfortable to boot.

Be Ready For Any Weather

All-weather shoes with waterproof or rubber soles are perfect for your commute or running errands this time of year. Pair that with a stylish light jacket or even a down-alternative coat like this one from Save The Duck and you'll be ready to look great rain or shine.

Shop In Store or Online

We’re all stocked up for fall in each of our stores so stop on it or you can even make an appointment if you want to get a little personal shopping help. 

We’ve also just introduced the 2019 Fall/Winter Catalog from Ticknors. Take a look through the catalog online or pick one up on your next visit to a store and get great inspiration on fall and winter outfits, outerwear, and gift ideas. 

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