One Knit Shirt — Worn Three Great Ways

One Knit Shirt — Worn Three Great Ways

One Knit Shirt — Worn Three Great Ways 

Our favorite types of clothes are those that can be mixed-and-matched in unique ways to create a different look depending on your mood or where you’ll be wearing it. We love versatility — and we know you do too. When it comes to late winter and early spring outfits, there may be nothing better than a versatile knit like this handsome v-neck henley from Raffi.

Looking to add something to your closet like that? Here’s how it’s done.

The Knit

We modeled these outfits around a v-neck henley from Raffi. This shirt is extra comfortable — made with 100% cotton and in a slim (but not tight) fit. 

Why this shirt? Well, we love the detail like the “racing” stripe on the sleeves and the shallow v-neck with henley-style buttons. You can easily wear this on it’s own with a pair of jeans or chinos, with a shirt and tie for a cool-yet-casual look, or with a sport coat to wear for meetings to the office.

Interested? We thought you would be. Keep on reading below to see how we’ve styled this versatile knit.

Simple Shirt & Sweater

A staple in many guys’ wardrobes — the straightforward but always stylish shirt and sweater paired with jeans. Look, it just doesn’t get much simpler than this to look put together while not feeling too stuffy or like you’re trying too hard. It’s perfect for those of us that are working from home but still have to look presentable for Zoom meetings or for anyone with a more smart-casual office dress-code. 

For the cold late-winter days we’re in now, the extra layer will help you stay warm. Bonus!

Smart Casual

Give the shirt a little boost in style-factor by pairing it with an easy to wear sport coat with a tie. You’ll instantly elevate your outfit. We love wearing a contrasting color which helps to break-up the look and elevates your look.

On Its Own

Ok, this one may be a given… but something we feel is worth mentioning. This knit is perfect for weekend wear or work-from-home. Pop on a pair of comfortable jeans or joggers with this and you’ll be set.

Create a Wardrobe You'll Love

And if you want a little extra help, drop in at a Ticknors store or make an appointment to talk to a style advisor.



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