Outerwear That Will Stand The Test of Time

Outerwear That Will Stand The Test of Time

Outerwear That Will Stand The Test of Time

If you’re anything at all like me (and if you’re reading this blog, chances are we at least have a little bit in common), you like buying things that are well made, well thought out, and are not “disposable.” There is a comfort in knowing that your purchase isn’t one that will quickly be dated or go out of style.

With that being said, read our guide to mens coats and outerwear that will stand the test of time.

The Overcoat

An overcoat is something that every man should own. They are functional, stylish, and have been around forever, meaning they likely aren’t going anywhere.

Since overcoats are traditionally meant to be worn over a suit, they usually feature a wider cut than something like a fashion coat. In days like now, when suits are not necessarily daily workwear for a lot of guys, they still look great when paired with a sportcoat and jeans. Overcoats are rather minimal by design, usually constructed with wool and designed to protect your suit/sport coat from harsh winter weather or rain. They typically (but not always — see below) feature a single breast enclosure like a suit, flap pockets, and a single-vent and fall just above the knee.

The overcoat is a pretty conservative look that puts function first. Since they are made with tried-and-true designs and materials, this will certainly stand the test of time.

The Car Coat

The car coat, like an overcoat, is a a purpose-built garment. Did you know that a car coat gets its name from back when vehicles were open to the elements (no, not a convertible … we’re talking like Ford Model T here)? They were designed to keep drivers warm but still allow a full range of motion to drive.

Car coats are a no-fuss style, featuring a flat front and a straight collar, with button or zip (sometimes both) enclosures. Pockets are typically diagonally cut which allows for easy access while sitting, and sometimes will feature a button or zip enclosure. The hip length again makes this a comfortable coat to wear while sitting for extended periods of time. 

These coats can easily be dressed up or down because of their minimalistic design aesthetic — a great every day wear. Whether you’re wearing with a pair of jeans and a sport shirt or tossing this over a sweater and chinos on your way to work you’ll look great in a classic car coat for years to come.

A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets come in all shapes — from your “biker” jacket to bombers and standard wear-anywhere waist-length jacket. What we love about leather is how it evolves and ages as you make it part of your rotation. Want something that looks effortlessly stylish? Put on a great leather jacket over a white t-shirt or sport shirt with a pair of jeans. Looking for something that will steal the show? How about a rich cognac brown layered with a sport shirt and zip-up sweater? Two completely different looks, two really awesome styles.

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A Puffer Jacket

These quilted jackets have become a staple for men in cold-weather climates because of their down-right versatility as well as interesting styling. They are easy to wear and boast some serious insulation from winter’s windy days and wet weather. 

Want to try something a little unique? Try a puffer jacket (or vest) under a sport coat or for an extra layer to combat the wind and cold temperatures.

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