Stay-at-Home Style

Stay-at-Home Style

If you’re like most of us, you’re currently on a work-from-home schedule and only leaving the house to pick up essentials or to get some exercise outside. In light of that, we wanted to put a light-hearted guide together on dressing well for work… when you’re stuck in the house.

Finding yourself in the position where you need to get used to working from home and you’ve never done it before? You’re not alone. So many guys are finding themselves in the position you’re in today, where you were tossed into work-from-home but are more used to the board room.

If you’re used to suiting up (or smart-casual) to go to work, it may be a bit of an adjustment at first when you’re just starting with the whole work-from-home thing. For a lot of guys that we’re talking to, they are struggling feeling like they are actually “on the clock.”

Our recommendation: Get dressed!

We don’t necessarily mean to “suit up” each day, but think about getting out of the ratty t-shirt you slept in and put on something comfortable, but well put together. This can be a super-soft hooded sweater with a great pair of Alberto cosy jeans, a Robert Barakett v-neck t-shirt, or a Tommy Bahama henley shirt. 

Scheduled to appear on a video meeting? Grab a flexible, breathable stretch fabric sport shirt. It feels like a t-shirt but will look awesome on camera!

Going out for a walk on lunch? Toss on a lightweight jacket to keep you comfortable.

Want something to make you smile when you’re taking a quick break? Can’t go wrong with a pair of patterned socks!