The Ticknors Fall Jacket Guide

The Ticknors Fall Jacket Guide

The Ticknors Fall Jacket Guide

With the weather change each fall, a lot of men are met with a challenge: should you tough out the cold mornings and evenings, layer up, or add a jacket to the outfit? To add a little more of a challenge, the question often becomes “how can I make the jacket part of the outfit, and not just an afterthought?” 

If you’ve ever sat at the closet in the morning and realized that you need to wear a jacket, this one is for you.

A New Type of Jacket

In recent years there has been a shift from being something that you wear over your outfit to jackets that are meant to be worn as part of your outfit. We call it the sweater-jacket. Sweater-jackets are heavier than a sweater and constructed like a jacket. They are typically a zip or button enclosure with front pockets, giving you more utility than a standard zip sweater and often are made with a mix of fabrics that add extra wind and water resistance that you’ll appreciate on cool fall days.

The sweater-jacket is the perfect outerwear for early fall because it’s light enough that you can wear it all day long but heavy enough that it will keep you warm when the air starts to get crisp. To add even more value to the sweater-jacket, they’re priced so reasonably that you can get a few of them to go with different outfits and color palettes. 

Choosing Your Jacket

First things first: when choosing your outfit and your outerwear, you need to look at the day ahead. And just so we’re on the same page, we’re not talking about checking the weather and picking your jacket based on the forecast (although you definitely should do that!). What we mean is that you should think about the look you’re going for with your outfit and make sure that it matches what you’ve got planned for the day. 

Just a casual day running errands? Pick a more casual look.

Chance of rain, but not enough to want to hassle with bringing an umbrella around? Choose a hooded jacket.

Want to wear it all day long as part of your outfit? Make sure the colors are complementary. 

Try Something Different

A jacket is a great way to add extra personality or edginess into your look because you don’t have to 100% commit to it all day—just ditch the jacket if you need to! This Luchiano Visconti sweater jacket has a great camo front with sweater sleeves and a high neckline and is a recent favorite. This FX Fusion sweater jacket also offers a great look and has zip and button enclosures—great for keeping warm on blustery mornings.

Complement Your Outfit

When picking a jacket, don’t just throw on anything that will do the job. Instead choose something that elevates your look overall and adds a level of polish to your outfit. Pick a jacket that complements the colors you’re wearing and that includes detailing and finishings that bring your look up a notch or two. Jackets that have contrast stitching, quilted fabrics or that have detailed liners are a great way to do this. This Luchiano Visconti sweater jacket is a great example that does just that.

Now Let’s Upgrade Your Look

Stop by your local Ticknors to check out the latest and greatest items that the fall/winter 2019 collection has to offer. Need some inspiration on what to wear this season? Check out our fall/winter 2019 look book and catalog or talk to a Ticknors Style Advisor for some help.


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