What I'm Wearing: Blake From Crabtree

What I'm Wearing: Blake From Crabtree

The What I’m Wearing series of posts are short conversations with Ticknors style advisors from each of our stores where we talk about style, their favorite brands and clothing, and a little bit about what makes them “tick.”

Today, we talked with Blake from the Ticknors store at Crabtree Valley Mall. We talked about style, what he likes about this season’s collection, and he shared some great advice for guys everywhere.

So Blake, what are you wearing today?

Today I’m wearing a custom-made sport coat through our Ticknors Bespoke program paired with a Nove sweater, a Serica non-iron dress shirt, Riviera “travelers” pants and a multicolored floral print tie. It’s a little cold and rainy today, and even though I’m working indoors I wanted to layer up a bit extra, which is what is great about this flyknit zip sweater from Nove

The detail on the sweater is great, and the contrasting blue color along the zipper is a perfect complement to the blues on my tie, shirt, and sport coat.

Did you have any specific goals in mind when putting your outfit together for today?

I wouldn’t say I had a goal in mind, per-se, but I like to dress with both form and function in mind — I want to look great while still being comfortable throughout the day. When you’re working with customers all day long and walking around quite a bit, that is important. 

My style tends to be pretty classic. I like to wear clothing that is made well and can stand the test of time.

Another thing I like about my outfit today is that I can easily take the jacket off and I’m still going to look great in my sweater, or if I want to drop the sweater and just wear the jacket, that will work just the same. I’m also one of the only guys here in the store that wears a tie just about every day. I like the way it completes the look and gives me another way to accessorize.

Any style advice you’d like to share?

I think the best piece of advice when it comes to style and fashion is to care. Try to put your best foot forward when getting dressed in the morning. Even if you’re just out to run some quick errands or grab lunch with friends, you’re going to feel good when you look good and put-together. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of time crafting every outfit, or spend thousands and thousands of dollars updating your wardrobe, but just to put a little extra thought into what you’re putting on in the morning. When you’re dressed for the occasion and you’re dressed in something that looks great on you, you’ll notice it (and others will too).


If you are in the Raleigh North Carolina area, visit our Crabtree Valley Mall store and speak with Blake and the other great associates.

They are ready to help you craft a great style that works for you and your life with the stylish garments we have in our stores.