What I'm Wearing - Zev From The Streets at Southpoint

What I'm Wearing - Zev From The Streets at Southpoint

The What I’m Wearing series of posts are short conversations with Ticknors style advisors from each of our stores where we talk about style, their favorite brands and clothing, and a little bit about what makes them “tick.”

Today, we talked with Zev from the Ticknors store at The Streets at Southpoint. We talked about style, how he likes to build his outfits and what he looks for when shopping.

Zev, what are you wearing today?

[Z] Today I’m wearing a custom made blue pinstripe 3-peice suit from Ticknors Bespoke. I’m also wearing a wrinkle-resistant/non-iron shirt from Ticknors Bespoke and brown monkstrap leather shoes. 

On busy days like today I like to wear something tried and true, that I know I’ll be comfortable in and look great without having to fuss with my clothes.

What was your goal with this suit when you made it?

[Z] My goal is almost always to have a suit made for me that is easy to wear and super stylish. With this suit specifically I wanted a 3-piece blue pinstripe suit because it’s a really classic look. The color is great and I can wear it with brown or black shoes, a white or light blue shirt, and I can accessorize it with different pocket squares or ties (although I don’t wear a ton of ties these days).

Why’s that?

[Z] I love ties, but working in a fast-paced store like this, a tie can add add just another thing to have to adjust or worry about. For that reason I tend to skip ties at work and save them for other occasions. I’ll add pops of color with pocket squares more often than not.

Great! Back to today’s outfit — if you wanted to switch things up a bit, how could you do that to have a unique look another day?

[Z] That’s what I love about suits. Even if you’re wearing the same suit you can change the feel of the outfit by making just a couple changes. First off, I’d leave the vest at home. I typically will wear a vest every-other time I wear a specific suit (that has a vest). This way I can mix up the wardrobe rotation a bit, and I don’t feel that I’m wearing the same outfit over and over again. Next, I’d change up the colors a bit. This suit looks great with a light blue shirt so I’d probably wear that. Maybe even wear a tie with it.

What’s unique about this suit?

[Z] Well since it is fully made to my specification, it’s all unique. We measured all of my core measurements and made this suit exactly to fit, rather than having to alter something from the rack. Another pretty unique part are the wide notch lapels. They certainly add some presence and personality to the suit! That was something I was going for. It also happens to be a great talking point with our customers which I appreciate! 

Outside of suits, what do you like to wear? Either to work or after work?

[Z] No surprise here, but I love to wear a park of dark blue denim like Alberto’s with a sport coat and tucked-in sport shirt to work. It’s a great, comfortable, outfit that doesn’t go out of style. After work if I’m heading out for dinner or something I might just leave the sport coat at home and get a casual jacket or zip up sweater — or swap the sport shirt for a t-shirt and wear the sport coat over that. That’s a good way to elevate an otherwise super casual outfit.

When you’re shopping for yourself, what do you look for?

[Z] I’m usually drawn to items that I can put to use for more than one type of outfit. Like I mentioned before, if I can add variety to my clothing rotation and get more wear out of what I own, I’m on board to do that. So I tend to look for complementary colors to what I have at home and things that I know always look great — I try to go with classics, not overly trendy stuff.

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