Work From Home Tips

Work From Home Tips

If you’re like most of us you’re working at home—potentially for an undetermined amount of time—and the novelty has officially worn off. Somehow the days both zip by and drag on endlessly. The phone is constantly ringing and you’re getting all too comfortable with that “webcam on” light on your laptop. But regardless, work from home is here. Let’s make the best of it. Read on for tips from the Ticknors team on how to make work from home more manageable.

Plan your day

An important first step is to plan your day. You may even want to do this the night before (if you’re an overachiever!) but that’s up to you. Do you have a focus day or a meeting day? If you’ve got a meeting-heavy day, consider opting for a comfortable stretch fabric sport shirt paired with a pair of jeans or tossing on a sport coat over a 100% pima cotton t-shirt from. You’ll look presentable and stay comfortable. 

Get dressed (shoes too!)

Not sure about you, but I certainly feel more productive when I’m dressed. Now, this doesn’t have to mean getting suited and booted, but putting on a comfortable outfit will help you to transition from “at home” to “at work.”

Have a stylish workspace

Having a place you like to be in will make it easier for you to spend time in it! So grab an indoor plant (they are great for air quality, too), put some art on the wall, and make sure you have nice lighting in your home office. It’ll help with productivity and making your home office feel more complete.

Don’t forget to move

It’s a lot easier to hit those 10,000 steps when you’re walking around your office all day long, but when you aren’t really leaving your home that all changes! So then next time you take a quick 5-minute break to head to Cafe Kitchen for a cup of coffee, do a few push-ups or air squats or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up. Ready to improve your next conference call? Consider taking your call while on a walk!