Ticknors Privacy Policy

Our relationships with our customers are vital to our company, respecting your privacy is just as important to us.

Registering with Ticknors Men's Clothier

Registering with us will make your online shopping experience easier by allowing us to organize your information and enable you to track your orders as well. When you register, you will be able change your information at anytime and as often as you like. Changes can also be made by emailing us at or by contacting us at 216-839-6300.

Personal Information

We will ask you to provide us with information (name, address, etc.). By doing so, will allow you to register on our website and receive catalogs and mailings upon request. Your personal information will be used for Ticknors Men's Clothier's records and internal marketing only. In certain incidences we may disclose information for the purpose of protecting yourself, our company or when required by law.


When you purchase from us through our website, catalog or stores we will collect your information for future mailings from Ticknors Men's Clothier. We will not sell or provide our mailing lists to other companies. If you would like to be removed from our list please email us at or contact us at 216-839-6300.

Encryption and Security

The personal information you provide to us is secure. We use Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL) to encrypt very sensitive information. By looking at the bottom of your browser window, you can verify that this process is functioning. The small lock or unbroken key identifies that you have SSL.


Our website uses "cookies" to monitor you visit and help us remember who you are for future visits. Cookies also make for smoother navigation and help us find your order. You can set your browser to refuse cookies. Refusing will not permit you to register or place an order with us.


We take every possible precaution to protect your privacy as best as we can. You can increase your protection by not sharing your password and user name. Signing in and out of your account will help as well.
We reserve the right to make changes at anytime and will notify you of any that take place. If you have questions or suggestions, you can email us at, calling us at 216-839-6300 or writing to us at Customer Service, Ticknors Men's Clothiers, 2101 Richmond Rd Beachwood, OH 44122