Complete your Closet: The Five Styles of Pant Every Man Should Own for Spring

Pants seem simple. You’ve got your blue ones and black ones; your brown ones and your gray ones. You’ve got that orange pair you picked up that time you figured if you dressed like Rickie Fowler, maybe you’d hit a 5-iron like him too (you didn’t).

Well, there’s a bit more to donning the right pants for the right occasions than basic color coding (though that’s a start). In this week’s blog, we’ll walk through the five essential pants you’ll want to own to look good- from the golf course to the boardroom.

These are the five styles of pant every man should own for spring. 

Pair #1: Chinos

If we had to pick one “staple” pair of pants that every guy will want to get right, it’s the chino. They’re the Swiss-army knife of pants, versatile and appropriate for (most) any occasion.

A good pair of chinos will be lightweight and breathable, making it a perfect pick for Spring weather. The standard chino is 100% cotton, though today many incorporate a small percentage of “stretchier” fabric like Elastane, which allows for more flexibility and comfort.

Our recommendation: Since this adaptable style of pant can be worn well with anything from an untucked sport shirt to a tailored jacket/blazer, we recommend diversifying your chino portfolio.

You’ll want to have the option of different neutral colors (tan, black, gray), as well as one or two pairs that show confidence and personality (try a bold blue, salmon, or even sage green for a Spring-appropriate look).

Pair #2: Khakis

Wait, aren’t Khakis and Chinos the same thing?

Similar, yes, but khakis ultimately work better for more casual looks. You can spot the difference between the two styles by checking out the pockets: they’ll have visible stitching on khakis but will be flat (no visible stitching) on the Chino.

As such, khakis are a solid choice for when you want to dress-down without opting for jeans. Another, more obvious tell to look for is color: while chinos come in a wide variety of hues, khakis tend to be… khaki.

Our recommendation: Despite their monochromatic nature, khakis are not a one-trick pant: like chinos, they can look good with a blazer (though you’ll want to try more casual shoes), while also serving you well for everyday, around-the-house wear. We recommend owning a pair of khakis for out-and-about casual wear, and at least two if you’re choosing this style as your yard-work pant.

Pair #3: Golf Pants

Let’s be honest: we know that you could just wear a pair of chinos (or khakis) on the links this Spring, and you’d probably blend in. But should you? Probably not.

Whether you’re shooting for an under-par round or just trying to break 100, a real pair of golf pants will not only look better, but perform better. Today’s best golf pants (such as these by Alberto) are slim enough to be flattering and relaxed enough to be comfortable.

Furthermore, they’ll sport features like a dynamic waist that won’t constrain your stroke (or your beverage intake), and performance materials that wick away water and sweat to keep you dry and cool.  

Our recommendation: Particularly if you’ve been wearing your Sunday slacks on the links, we can’t stress enough how much a modern pair of golf pants will let you feel more comfortable and athletic. Try a pair of black or brown to start, and then go ahead an embrace your inner Fowler with a bolder blue, green, or even red.

Pair #4: Blue Jeans

Because of course. The weather’s getting warmer, but a great-fitting pair of blue jeans are never out of style.

The keys here are 1) picking the right shades of blue, and 2) getting the best fit.

When it comes to shade, it’s important to remember that lighter jeans are specifically casual, while darker jeans are extremely versatile in that they can be dressed up a with a jacket or down with a crisp t-shirt. As for fit, it’s a matter of blending comfort with the right profile. Heavier-set guys tend to be complemented by a more relaxed fit, while thinner men tend to look better in a straight or slim cut.

Thinking about skinny jeans? Well, if you’re over 30 and don’t play an instrument for a living, “skinnies” likely aren’t the look for you.

Our recommendation: You can never have enough great pairs of comfortable, flattering jeans. Generally speaking though, make sure to have dark jeans available for social occasions, and light jeans for hobbies, barbeques, and other casual situations.


Pair #5: Bonus Non-blue Jeans

Jeans are great for Spring, even when they’re not blue. In fact, jeans in other variations (like gray, sage, and even lilac) are often exactly what the season calls for. Having a cookout? A brighter pair of jeans (like these) paired with an untucked button down (or short-sleeve button down) adds a perfect amount of levity and charm to your look.

Our recommendation: Gray jeans are a surprisingly versatile garment that can be dressed up or down, so make sure you’ve got a pair handy. As for the other colors, jeans can be a great way to show some personality without going overboard into, say, plaid. Pick a couple colors that fit your vibe, whether that’s a muted green, light grape, or jet black.


Not sure which specific styles and colors of pants are best for your specific look? The wardrobe specialists at Ticknors are there to help you decide. And for the absolute perfect fit, rest assured that our tailors are standing by. Simply book an appointment to get started.