Four Stylish Tips For The Coldest Month of the Year

Four Stylish Tips For The Coldest Month of the Year

Well, it’s February. Still winter, still not quite spring, still cold. The holidays are way past gone and we're still stuck at home. The Super Bowl is coming up and we can't even really go to a sports bar or party to watch it with friends. And while baseball season is a glimmer of hope on the horizon and getting a round of golf in is still a couple months away (for most of us), we still have to get up and look good for work every day — whether you're working from home or back in the office — during the coldest time of the year.

Winter may not be the most exciting season of the year when it comes to the weather or outdoor activities but it certainly is a great time to dress well. Menswear has so many great options during the cooler months — with so many great options to choose from and put together a stylish outfit you’ll love. To give you a headstart, we put together this list of style tips for the cold months.

Pick An All-Day Jacket

Layering is a style secret that we talk about often. A not-so hidden secret to the perfect layered outfit is choosing the right top layer, and we like a great all-day jacket during the cold months. We recommend choosing a sport coat or a stylish light jacket for this. One of our favorite picks for the light jacket is the sweater jacket, like this example from Luchiano Visconti. The sweater jacket has knit sleeves like a sweater paired with a great quilted pattern on the front, adding some interesting style to the garment and allowing it to pair nicely with jeans or chinos for work or weekend wear.

Gotta Go For Boots

Winter weather means wet, slick pavement covered in ice-melt. At best, it could be quite the pain to clean off your shoes but at worst it could cause your feet to get soaked right through with icy-cold water if you take the wrong step. A stylish boot, like these Cole Haan Chelsea Boots is a great look to pair with jeans or a casual trouser and will certainly help keep your feet warm and dry all day long. What’s better is that these will go from workday to evening with ease, and look great on the weekend as well. You may have found your perfect shoe right here. 

Find Your Perfect Pullover

Sweaters are basically an “Easy Button” this time of year. The textured fabric adds depth and warmth to your look, they are available in plenty of styles, like the quarter-zip, crewneck or v-neck, and you can take your pick on how casual or how dressy you’d like it to be.


Wear them with jeans and sneakers, layer under a sport coat, or wear on top of a sport shirt. You’ve got choices with a great pullover sweater, and no matter what you pick you’ll look great. Easy as that.


Men don’t have a ton of options when it comes to accessorizing an outfit. Sure, you’ve got the classics like a watch, tie, or pocket square, but if you’re not the jewelry type of guy your options kind of end there. But in the colder months of the year something new is brought into the mix:

Scarves are functional and fashionable. A great scarf adds extra dimension to your look and is a great way to add pops of color to your day. What’s not to love?

Stop In To See Us

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