How To Dress For Transitional Weather

An Introduction To Layering for Fall

We’re deep into September, and with that comes the start of fall and changing weather. You know the type—it’s cool and chilly (and maybe even still dark out) when you leave the house in the morning, then by the time you head out for lunch its getting warm out, and by late afternoon it’s flat-out hot outside. And to top that, with the sun setting early it’s cool out by the time you’re done with dinner.

So how the heck do you dress for that? Do you just suck it up and head out with a sport shirt and be cold in the morning? Or do you go with a sweater and fight through the late-afternoon heat? The answer is to layer up.

If you’re looking for the best way to look extra stylish and to handle the transitional weather we’re heading into right now, this guide is for you. As the leaves are starting to change, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are falling, you want to have a great functional look that will keep you comfortable and confident all day long.

An Introduction to Layering for Fall: How To Dress for Transitional Weather

Layering is all about putting together an outfit that looks complete, whether your layers are being added or removed. While that make it seem like a complicated endeavor, it really isn’t. We’ve broken it down into three simple steps for you, and have put together two simple layered looks using the same shoes, jeans, and shirt.

guys wearing great fall colors and layered outfits

Start With a Great Base Layer

Your base layer should be something that works with or without the other layers that you’re wearing and looks good on its own. The base layer could be a sport shirt or a t-shirt or polo—just as long as it fits you well, matches the rest of the outfit and feels great on its own if you take off the rest of your layers. We love Sport Shirts and T-shirts & Polos for versatile base layers.

man wearing a purple henley


Think About Color

The fall collections bring out many new color options you don’t see in the spring and summer. Colors like rust orange, brick red, green, burgundy and brown are perfect for this time of year. Try different combinations that you like and compliment your skin tone and that you like best.

great fall colors in layered outfit

Texture, Texture, Texture

Fall clothing collections are when unique textures really get their chance to shine. One of the best thing about cooler-weather fabrics is their textures are so conducive to layering and giving an outfit a great look.

Try mixing and matching fabric types to give your outfit a unique look and feel and put together a fit that will give you all day comfort.

textured and layered fall outfit


Watches, pocket squares, and bracelets are year-round accessories. But in the fall you may opt for colors and materials that fit this time of year a little more. For example, deep color pocket squares, leather bands on your watch or wood-tone beaded bracelets are a great look for the fall.

apple watch with bracelets and sweater

Take Some Inspiration From the Ticknors Team

We’ve put together two unique looks based on the same base layer sport shirt, jeans, and boots for you to use as a starting point. Our goal is to show how you can create distinct looks even with the same core garments.

For this outfit we wanted to use color, texture, and patterns to add visual interest to the look.

We started with a Bugatchi sport shirt in a modern fit, which fits extremely well and great for layered look. We chose this sport shirt because the brown and blue pattern matches the mid and outer layers and if we ditch everything else and just roll up the sleeves of this sport shirt, we’ll still have a shirt with a unique look that works well.

Next we put on a flyweight full-zip sweater from Nove. This hooded sweater is made from merino wool, so it’s super soft, breathable, and has a super luxurious feel. The knit merino adds softness to the outfit and will keep you warm on the chilly autumn mornings we’re about to walk into.

Lastly, this Luchiano Visconti sport coat is sure to turn heads. It’s a quarter lined jacket so you won’t be too warm as the temps start to rise a bit. Since we were thinking casual for this outfit we love the patch pockets and modern silhouette it offers—and the fact that it goes with jeans is a huge plus. We’re not going to argue with a built-in pocket square for no-fuss style either.

We changed up the outfit by swapping out the Nove sweater and the Luchiano Visconti sport coat with a great Luchiano Visconti sweater jacket. This sweater jacket is the perfect weight for fall weather and it sports a quilted pattern design with contrasting brown details and stitching, so it ties in perfectly with the brown and blues in the base layer sport shirt.

The supporting players in this ensemble are the Alberto jeans and Cole Haan boots. The Alberto jeans are awesome year-round pick. Their dynamic superfit are soft and comfortable with the perfect amount of stretch so they’ll stay comfortable all day long. And the boot! These Chelsea-style boots have an active sole and water-resistant design, perfect for a day out and about or if you get caught in one of those autumn rain storms. You’ll stay warm and dry and look awesome doing it.

See The Look

 layered fall outfit with sport coat and hooded sweater

layered fall outfit with sport coat and hooded sweater

layered fall outfit with sport coat and hooded sweater

layered fall outfit with sport coat and hooded sweater

layered fall outfit with sport coat and hooded sweater

Start Layering

Not sure where to start? Look into your own closet—no doubt you’ll be able to put together a great outfit that will keep you looking great and feeling great from morning to night. Or look at inspiration from your social media feed—the Ticknors Instagram and Facebook pages are a great place to start— to see how other guys are doing it and learn from them. 

And if you want a little extra help, drop in at a Ticknors store or make an appointment to talk to a style advisor.

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