Color Combinations: The Guide To Fall Colors

Changing season, changing color palettes. Fall is the perfect time to mix it up and add some fresh colors to your wardrobe. We’re ready to battle the crazy swinging temperatures and fickle weather that can feel like summer on Monday but feel more like winter by Wednesday thanks to our guide to layering for fall, so why not add a little extra flair to the mix with great new colors that compliment the fall colors we’re seeing outside?

So whether you’ve already mastered colorful clothing and are looking for a few new tricks and tips or if you’re ready to step outside of your neutral clothing, we’ve got tips for you to add some stylish color into your wardrobe this fall season.

Tip #1: Wear Colors That Compliment Each Other

Going colorful in your clothing this fall is a little bit more involved than just tossing any colors together. The trick is to put together an outfit that looks great because the colors compliment one another. For the fall, a great place to start is with earth-tone colors like brown, rust orange, brick red, and dark green. For a bit more contrast you may like going with a more bold color palette like purples, blues, blue-greens.

man and woman wearing complementary colors

Tip #2: Wear Colorful Accessories

Pocket squares, scarves, and ties are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. A bright blue pocket square, for example, will add a great pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

Guy wearing bright red scarf

Tip #3: Wear Bright Colors Under Another Layer

If you’re not quite ready to go all-in on colors this fall but still want to change things up a bit, consider wearing your more colorful pieces under another layer. This is perfect for sport shirts or t-shirts worn under a sweater or sport coat. You’ll add visual interest to your outfit without feeling like you’re way out of your element.

Tip #4: Consider Getting Some Help

Any of the Ticknors Style Advisors would be happy to assist you with changing up your wardrobe for the fall. Simply walk in to any Ticknors store or make an appointment to talk with someone and put together a perfect look for this fall.

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