Weekend Style 101: Elevate Your Weekend Style

Often, men plan for the work-week when choosing their clothing options—going for items that look great on the job—but don’t put so much effort into casual clothing options that you’d wear after work or on the weekend. Weekends are for more than frayed and tattered t-shirts and worn-out jeans. This post will show you great style ideas for a variety of after-work activities that will look well put-together while still being comfortable for whatever comes your way.

Style Upgrade: Toss The Tattered Tee

We all have that t-shirt we love. You know the one—the one that you’ve been wearing for 10 years or more, that just gets softer and more comfortable with every wear (but also gets a little more loose, tattered, and beat up, too). It might also be the one your wife reminds you to change when you’re leaving the house (or she secretly wishes would finally get lost). There’s a time and a place for a shirt like that. That time is usually as you’re getting ready for bed and the place should only be when you’re at home! 

Upgrade your tattered t-shirt to a well-made short or long-sleeve tee, v-neck, or henley shirt. Options like this Robert Barkett henley shirt, available in plum and black, or this textured grey henley from Nove are great options because they are ultra-soft and made from premium cotton, so they have the perfect amount of stretch and will only get softer with time. 

Style Upgrade: Consider A Sport Coat

You may be thinking of a sport coat as something you only wear to work or out for a date night, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! A great sport coat is a truly versatile garment that you can wear in almost any situation. 

✅With a t-shirt and jeans

✅Layered with a sweater 

✅With an slim-fit, untucked sport shirt.

With sport coat options ranging from dressy to downright casual, there is no doubt that you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. Consider a casual look with patch pockets like this Michael Kors sport coat or this Robert Graham sport coat with a removable storm system collar to wear as your top layer instead of your go-to hooded sweatshirt.

Style Upgrade: Ditch The Old College Sweatshirt

Save the college sweatshirt for game day and alumni weekends. Update your laid-back style with a zip-up or pullover sweater that is made with a modern cut that will look great layered with a sport shirt under it or with a t-shirt. With options like this from Tommy Bahama or this quarter-zip from Raffi you just can’t go wrong. 

Style Upgrade: Pick The Right Jacket

Not all jackets are created equally. A great jacket for weekend style should fit well and should complement your outfit, not distract from it. 

This Raffi sweater jacket has a great silhouette and interesting detail, like the baseball collar and the burgundy accent color on the zipper. 

This Regency lambskin leather jacket will keep you warm while looking cool with great details like the laser cut edges and faux shearling liner. 

Now Let’s Upgrade Your Look

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