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Sport coats are really a versatile piece of clothing to own.

A sport coat is a perfect addition to any man's wardrobe. They are easy to wear and instantly elevate a look while adding personality to your daily style.

Before we get into sport coat styles, let's talk about what a sport coat is and how it's different than a suit coat.

A sport coat is similar to a suit coat but it is generally designed without a pair of pants that match.

While you can find some more casual suits out there that you may be able to wear separately, a sport coat was specifically designed not to be worn with a matching pair of trousers. It's generally more casual and therefore a bit easier to wear than a full suit.

What Makes A Great Sport Coat? 

First off, it's always about the fit.

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Fit is so important for any piece of clothing you are going to wear. Off-the-shelf clothes don't fit a majority of people and often need tailoring. (Ticknors offers tailoring in stores to make it even easier for our clients to get the perfect fit.)

Keep fit top of mind when searching for the right sport coat for you. Again, if you find something you really like but it doesn't fit quite right - get it tailored. 

Keep the coats on the casual side.

You can keep it casual by opting for something like a solid knit under your sport coat. This way you look polished and put together but make it feel casual.

A look like this would be good for a casual Friday at the office, drinks with your friends, or an afternoon of Zoom calls. 

This look also works so well because the pattern and color of the coat isn't necessarily traditional - and that is a sure fire way to craft a compelling personal style that people won't be able to help but talk about.

Pair it with the right pants.

Modern denim is a great choice for sport coats. 2021 was a crazy year, but it did make it even more acceptable to sport your best fitting jeans with a fashionable look like the one above.

Denim was accepted in many cases before, but we've seen an increase in great sport coat styles paired with trendy denim being accepted for so many more occasions. Which means it's even easier to look your best no matter what you are doing. 

So now that we've talked about what to think about when looking for a crafting a sport coat style, here is some inspiration for you to create an effortless style.

The Ticknors style experts are ready to help you find looks like this that fit your style and your life. 

Make 2022 your most stylish year yet and let Ticknors help. 


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