How To Dress Up Without Suiting Up

As the USA begins to come out of lockdown after the coronavirus and get back to work, many of us are left realizing that we like being able to dress down for work! There is something nice about not needing to suit up for work calls and meetings, especially when you’re doing them from your home office! But with that being said, as we head back to work sometimes you’re going to have to give your outfit a little more effort than what you could get away with at home.

Lucky for you, it is easy to look put together and well-dressed without having to be suited-and-booted. With a little help from Ticknors, you’ll be pulling off the look in no time.

Focus On Quality, Well Fitting Garments

The absolute best way to create a polished look is to wear clothes that fit well and are made of high quality fabrics. A 100% pima cotton t-shirt, for example, will look polished and nice when you compare it to a slubby t-shirt from a department store made in a cotton-poly blend. A pair of jeans that are tailored for you will be a huge step-up from a pair of untailored jeans that are a little worse for the wear.

Consider Your Color

If you’re dressing for work, consider what colors are best suited for your office or clientele. More subdued colors like dark blue, greys and black will give you a professional, polished look.

Try a Casual Sport Coat

We’re big fans of the jeans-and-sport-coat look here at Ticknors. With a do-anything sport coat and great pair of jeans you have so much versatility. Want to wear a great high-quality t-shirt under it? No problem. Thinking that you want to add some color with a unique sport shirt? Great. You can make it happen. 

Upgrade Your Shoes

Shoes are an integral part of your wardrobe. Picking the right pair of shoes for your look will really complete the outfit. For a polished outfit to wear to work, consider a pair of shoes that are comfortable like sneakers but have an upgraded look. We’re huge fans of the ZEROGRAND collection by Cole Haan. They offer great style with superior comfort to wear all day (and night!) and help you stand out from the crowd.

Let Our Team Help

Ticknors is here to help you upgrade your style, whether you’re looking for wear-to-work attire or something to wear out on the weekends. We’ve got you covered. Book an appointment at your local Ticknors to coordinate a time to practice safe socially-distant shopping with a style advisor (abiding by all restrictions and mandated orders by state and local governments).

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