What to Pack For Holiday Travel

As we break into the second week of December we’re well into holiday season, and that likely means you're gearing up for having friends and family over for holiday celebrations or you may be traveling to visit others. Today’s post is for those of us that have to travel — we’re giving some tips to make your trip a stylish one, because the only thing worse than realizing you forgot your headphones is when you realize you didn’t pack the right items to look your best for whatever festivities you find yourself getting into.

A Great Sport Coat

A sport coat is a quintessential garment for looking cool and put together, no matter what the occasion. With a sport coat you’re ready for just about anything, and when you’re wearing one, rarely will you find yourself either under or over-dressed. Want to wear a t-shirt and jeans? Add a sport coat to take it up a notch. Need a little more warmth but don’t want to take along an overcoat? Boom — sport coat. Want to wear the same sweater two different times on the same trip? No worries, wear it with a sport coat one day and on its own another.

Whether you’re traveling by air or by car, a sport coat is an amazing utility garment — they’ll keep you warm and comfortable as you schlep through the airport and give you 3-4 extra usable pockets to keep yourself organized throughout your trip.

A Trouble-Free Sport Shirt

Using a hotel iron or steamer is never a fun thing to do, especially when you’re hurriedly getting ready in the morning after a long day of travel. Consider a non-iron or wrinkle-resistant sport shirt like Serica offers, or a performance stretch fabric from Proper Sport or Bugatchi. These are great for travel because they take one more thing off your plate and you won’t have to worry so much about what you’re wearing.

Scarf, Gloves, and Winter-Wear

What is worse than being cold? Even if you don’t plan on spending much time outdoors during your travels, it’s worth the space in your carry-on to bring a scarf and gloves. They take up no space at all, and will serve the purpose of keeping you warm. Not to mention if you pack accordingly it will save you the step of having to run an errand to the nearest store to settle on lower quality gear if you find that you need it.

And did we mention how great a scarf and topcoat looks?

Music and Audio Accessories

Make a playlist to appeal to your audience. Create a curated playlist with some of your favorite tunes to play at dinner or to serve as a backup in case the music goes out where you’re heading. Good Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive and take up very little room in your luggage, and you’ll be prepared if needed.

Traveler’s Pants and/or Comfortable Denim

Chances are you’re going to be running some errands, lounging around the kitchen, and maybe throwing a football or chasing kids around. So you want to look sharp, but relaxed and comfortable and there’s not a better way to achieve that than a well cut trouser, like Riviera Traveler’s Pants or Alberto Dynamic Superfit denim.

Bonus Gifts

Even the most prepared people forget something, sometimes. There’s always the chance that someone that you forgot was coming shows up to the party or that you didn’t remember to shop for someone and now you need something to hand over. Keep an extra Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store, Barnes & Noble, etc, gift card or two stashed away for that exact occurrence.

Going On A Trip This Season?

Stop in to see us. We’ll chat with you about your trip and your plans and help you create a travel wardrobe that will be functional & stylish.


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