A Casual & Comfortable Style: What I Wore Series

Seeing the styles from all of the associates in our stores is fun, interesting, and very informative. The styles that our guys chose to wear each day is not only reflective of great pieces in our stores but how unique and different our sales associates truly are. 

When we visited Kenwood Towne Centre, we spoke to some of the guys about what they were wearing, why, and what they liked best about their look. 

Our next installment of the What I Wore Series is with Chris from our Kenwood Towne Centre.

All right Chris, what are you wearing today?
I have a shirt on from Haupt, a sport coat by Carl Gross, and my favorite- my Alberto jeans. This sport coat is awesome because I can throw it over anything and make it dressy and it's also very comfortable. And I love the Alberto jeans. Any client that comes in to these doors and works with me knows how much I love (and wear!) the Alberto jeans. You can't go wrong with them.


Why did you choose these items today?
This sport coat was a no-brainer because I can do anything in it. I can wear it to work, wear it out to drinks, sport it at a wedding rehearsal - it’s truly a do-it-all jacket. It moves so great. I don’t feel restricted. The shirt is so versatile I wear it everywhere. And my favorite, ,my Alberto jeans. They are the Dynamic Super Fit. These are my everyday jeans. I wear them all the time. All the blues go so well together it was easy to put this look together.

So tell us- how could someone take these pieces and personalize them a little more?
You can always add a pocket square and a watch. Those are timeless accessories and you can never go wrong adding them to a look. I picked a casual watch for this look. I didn't opt for a tie with this look but you certainly could. I like the way it looks without a tie and how stylish the shirt looks without a tie under this coat. As far as a mix up to the shoe, dress it up with a monk strap or dress it way down with some great fashion sneakers. 


What could you swap out easily to change this look up?
You could swap the dress shirt for a tee shirt and look great out with your friends. That would be a way to make it very casual yet still stylish. On the reverse, you can add a tie and elevate the look to be worn to a nice dinner.


What is one piece you AREN’T wearing that you are really excited to sell out of this fall/spring/summer/winter collection in stores now? 
It has to be the Stacy Adam boot. That boot can be dressed up and down with anything. You can wear it for work, play, and all things you'd do that are in between work and play. Wear it with a sport coat and great pants, or an awesome knit and  jeans, it doesn't matter: you can do anything with that boot.


Thanks to Chris for letting us chat with him when we visited the Kenwood Towne Centre store. A great and stylish casual look is a perfect look to have in your wardrobe. And we found out a look like this is extremely versatile! 


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