How to dress for the holiday season

Looking your best this holiday doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be a long, crazy process to find great pieces and looks that just work.

'Tis the season for holiday lunches, work potlucks, family gatherings, and social events where you want to look great and fashion-forward. 

It is a busy and fun time- so make sure you are dressed and ready for whatever you have going on in your life this holiday season.

Long gone are the days where you could show up in sweats to your mothers house for dinner-  the day has come where you can show up and look great while still being comfortable.

How do you dress for the holiday season?

The question-how can I achieve both looking fashionable and feeling comfortable?

The answer- with the right pieces worn the right way.

So how can you dress for the holiday this year? Take a look at our tips below and feel confident that you look polished and feel like a million dollars.

Tip #1- Add a personalization piece.

Customization can be effortless if you have great pieces that reflect you. Adding a unique pocket square, or interesting cufflinks, or a great scarf is a sure-fire way to add personality and interest to your outfit.

It’s fun to spice up your look with something great like a patterned tie, or interesting cufflinks, or a great pocket square! This is a great way to explore new patterns, colors, or designs that you normally wouldn't.

Better yet - survey the people you are with and ask them what they think! A personalization piece like this can also serve as a topic of conversation during holiday parties and gatherings. 

Tip #2- Put that sport coat on!

There is never, ever a time we won’t tell you to add a sport coat. If you want to dress up a standard sport shirt look, add a sport coat.

If you want to transition from a work potluck to a holiday dinner with your friends, add a sport coat. If you want to go right from your grandma’s Thanksgiving meal to a meetup with your coworkers, throw on a sport coat. A well-tailored and well-fitting sport coat is the perfect piece to dress up your look hands-down.

A sport coat in a blue (like this Au Noir Sport Coat) or grey (like this great sport coat from Michael Kors) gets you a lot of versatility, but you can also choose a deep purple or a brown sport coat (our pick for a deep wine-toned sport coat is this Robert Graham Sport Coat).

Have fun with the color you choose, just make sure it fits. That way you are ready to toss it on over any look, at any time, any where. 

Tip #3- Layers, layers, layers.

We have spoken about this a lot this fall season, but this is the easiest way to add interest to your look in a big way.

Adding a pullover knit on top of a patterned sport shirt is a great step. Throw on a sport coat and you’ve flipped a switch to a dressier look. Put on a great top coat and you look ready for anything life throws your way.

And layers are great because you can remove them as you need to. The transition from cold weather outside to warmer weather inside can sometimes be tricky to dress for. Layer it up and you’ll be ready for anything.

Tip #4- Don’t forget fashionable shoes (and socks!)

Great leather shoes make sense this holiday season. Whether you decide to opt for boot, loafer, or laced look- don’t forget your socks!

Pair your look with a sock that is interesting, patterned, and in good shape so when your grandma or aunt makes you take off your shoes (and we all know someone in our life who asks us to do this) you are ready.

Nothing throws a look off more than when you are forced to remove your shoes and realize you wore your athletic socks instead of a great pair of dress socks (gasp!). Don’t be caught off guard at all this holiday. Choose your shoes and socks wisely and consider them an extension to your look. 

We hope these tips helped you dress your best this holiday season. Spend time with your friends and family and look fashionable while doing so. 

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