Hooded knits- why they work so well (for pretty much anyone!)

Winter is upon us here in the great state of Ohio. We had a great fall- it has to be one of the longest yet at an entire two weeks! All kidding aside, for most of the country it's gotten colder which means it's time to get those long sleeves and sweaters ready to wear.

This is extra exciting for us because we have found some great transition knits to get you from fall into winter. We are really digging out hooded knits because they are a great piece to use to create warmth and add interesting layers to your outfit.

That's a win-win in our book.

So how can you wear a hooded sweater? We wrote an article about it a while back but that wasn't specific to the fall and winter, so we figured we would revisit this topic.

So, let's start with: how do you wear a hooded knit?

This one is so easy. You just simply put it on. Yes, that is our recommendation. If you find a hooded knit you love, buy it and just put it on. The easiest way to start to explore this look is to pair it with your favorite dark pant or jean and some leather boots (we love this chukka boot by Cole Haan). We have found this is the easiest way to wear this look. No muss, no fuss, just effortlessly stylish. 


Pick a color or pattern you love and you really can't go wrong. Solids are easy to filter in to your wardrobe, but patterned hooded knits are a fun way to add some customization to your look. You really can't go wrong when you choose a hooded knit!

Now I bet you are asking: what if I don't want to be average and everyday? What if I want to wear this knit in an interesting way? Well, we sure are glad you asked. Take your jeans and leather boots and throw a sport coat on top. 

If you opt for a great dark grey hooded knit (like this Robert Barakett Hooded Sweater) stick with a dark grey or blue-toned sport coat. If you fell in love with more of a cream or oatmeal hooded knit (like this Toscano Hooded Sweater) you can venture out into the browns and reds. 

Ok, now how do you layer this more than just throwing a sport coat on top?

This can go a few different ways. You can take it an add a lightweight fashion jacket over top. This look works well if you aren't in a cold location (like our southern shoppers!) or are spending more time indoors than out. This Enzo jacket is a great jacket for this look. 

If you need to add more layers, you can take the look above and add a great scarf. A scarf is a nice way to personalize your look because you can add color and pattern in a small yet bold way.

Another great way to wear this is to opt for a warm wool pea coat or top coat and swap your shoes for a cool monk strap shoe and fun socks. This takes the normally casual look of a hooded knit and dresses it up. It works well because it's interesting and a fun juxtaposition of casual and dressy. (If you need a suggestion for a great top coat, we suggest this Enzo Top Coat ... it's a great blue and brown plaid and helps dress this look up.)

Why do they work for anyone?

They work well for anyone because they are so versatile. They can be found in so many different patterns, textures, and colors you are almost guaranteed to find one you love. 

They are also great to dress up or down so they are an awesome wardrobe addition. You really can't go wrong adding a hooded knit in to your fall wardrobe. This is also a great gift to give (if you want to read a bit more about wardrobe staples, or giving a hooded knit as a gift, hit up our main page to sign up for our 2018 holiday gift guide). 



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