Store Highlight- Cincinnati, Ohio loves their fast-paced days and here's why...

Our next featured store is the store at the Kenwood Towne Centre in 

Cincinnati, Ohio. We took some time to chat with the associates about their day, what keeps clients coming back, and what one item they are loving to show their customers this fall.

Take a look at our interview with Andrew, Chris, and Dan from Cincinnati, Ohio.

First question, what do you love about working at Ticknors in Kenwood Towne Center?

Andrew: I'd say it's the wide range of clientele. There is always someone new coming in the store. Our days are busy from the moment we open the doors so we connect with a lot of people. It’s also been nice to be well received in the city. We are a newer shop around here but there is so much excitement about us being here that it's great to come to work.

Chris: It’s never boring! We are so busy that the days usually fly by. It’s so fun because you have to be prepared for who is next since we see so many people. It really keeps you on your toes and always thinking of your next step.

Dan: The clients are phenomenal. I’ve met multiple clients that by the end of the sale we are making plans to go out to dinner. I’ve made friends with quite a few people. I meet a lot of people like me, who value the same things I do. I’ve worked in some of our other locations but the clients here have really become friends. 

Why do you think Ticknors clients love to feel fashion-forward and trust you guys to help them?

Chris: In today’s society people feel good when they look good. As humans we are drawn to the way people look, and a lot of people who spend time in front of people want to look nice. This could be business or it could be in their social circles. We offer interesting clothes and accessories that make people look amazing. They also trust us to show them what they can pair with choices that may be something they never thought of before- they are willing to trust our expertise.

Andrew: I think because what we offer here isn’t like anything they’d find anywhere else. Our company does a great job in staying current but not out-fashioning people. People feel trendy while feeling like they can wear the clothes from the store- nothing is super high fashion. We also keep things limited so the customer feels exclusive. There are a lot of social circles here so we can’t have everyone looking the same as the next guy and we take that serious.

Dan: When you wear clothes that fit well and are nicer overall, you feel better and present yourself better. Men love to look good and feel good- when you are perfectly tailored and looking great, guys feel awesome and it shows. Our clients want to feel awesome, plain and simple.

How do you provide excellent customer service to your clients time and time again?

Chris: I am making sure that what the customer wants or needs is available. If I don't have it here I'll call other stores to see what we can do for our client. I also want to make sure they have all the answers they need. No matter what they ask I'm ready to offer my advice and guidance. I have a list of reasons why the article of clothing works well for the client. I give them honest and personal advice every time so they trust me.

Andrew: We get to know clients on a personal level- we pride ourselves on doing what's best for the client and their lifestyle rather than just getting caught up in making a sale. We create customer experience based on connection. We work hard to build relationships with people so we can we find the best wardrobe and pieces for that person with their unique story. When we outfit our clients with great pieces that fit their life we create a great experience which inspires our clients to come back.

Dan: I always put customers needs first before the desire to make the sale. Last weekend I had a client on Friday who wanted to get a winter coat for their son in Chicago. They were worried about wrong size and fit. I mentioned that they take their son to a place that sold the coat to try on the fit before you order it from us. I really took into consideration what their circumstances were and their personal story. I may have risked them purchasing the coat elsewhere but they valued my honestly so much they came back to buy from me. We know our clients and they know us.

Last question, what is the one piece you are loving that you find yourself showing clients over and over this fall?

Dan: It's a classic no matter what season, but I keep showing off our Alberto jeans. The dark blue is the #1 selling item in the whole store. That’s the jean I personally wear so I love it so much. I think when you own clothes from the store it makes it more credible to talk about them to clients. They fall in love with them like I have. I have four of the same pairs. I wear it outside of work too. It’s a great jean.

Chris: I love the jeans also but I am really digging the Stacy Adams boot. That boot can be dressed up and down with anything. Work, play, and all in between. If you wear a sport coat and jeans, or a pullover and jeans, or really anything- you can do anything with that boot.

Andrew: It has to be the burgundy Paul Betenley sport coat. It's this stunning merlot wine colored sport coat. I love it because the color is so great and more versatile than you'd think. I’ve never liked a color like this but it matches grey, blacks, blues, and more and it's perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Thanks to Kenwood for letting us chat with them about doing what they do best- helping Ticknors clients look their absolute best no matter the occasion.

Visit this location at: 7875 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236. Give them a call at 513-818-4111. They'd love to meet you and help you with your styling needs!

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