A Well-Made Suit: What I Wore Series

What I Wore series focuses on our associates and how they take great pieces and make them their own.

Our interview with Daniel from Beachwood was no exception. We spoke with him about what he was wearing and why he chose it. We also talked about how you could dress up or dress down his look.

Take a look at our next installment of What I Wore with Daniel.

Ok Daniel, fill us in on what you are wearing today:
Daniel: It's a suit from Enzo that I had tailored to fit me perfectly. It's more of a European fit which means it's slimmer fitting than traditional suits. It's a two button jacket and the suit is 100% wool. It is french faced and quarter-lined inside the jacket. 

What kind of pattern is on there, and why did you choose this today?
Daniel: It's a blue on blue, faint baby blue window pane plaid pattern. I picked this suit for a multitude of reasons but it's a conservative suit but with a modern cut and tailor.  I like this suit- it's one of the best fitting suits I own. It's so easy to wear and I don’t have to wear a tie with it.

How did you accessorize this suit today?
Daniel: I opted for a custom shirt in a great pattern that is tailored to be a modern fit. I am a big fan of pattern on pattern and think it’s super stylish to wear shirts and suits together like this. This shirt is also wrinkle-resistant as well. And it's so easy to wear it with this suit because I don’t need to wear a tie.

What about your white pocket square? Why did you choose that?
Daniel: The white ties into the shirt. And since I didn’t wear a tie I opted for a pocket square. I will always wear either a tie or a pocket square. As guys we only have a few ways to accessorize and a pocket square is one of them.

So fill us in on how you can wear this suit a few different ways.
Daniel: This suit is really great because you could wear it any family event, or you can wear it to an interview, or a wedding- just about anything. It's very easy to take this suit and wear it separately. I could wear this coat with a nice pair of jeans. Another way to wear this coat by itself would be to pair it with a great pair of slacks, a great tee shirt, and some Cole Haan shoes. Dressing it up is as easy as swapping this shirt for a shirt that is dressier and adding in a tie.

Did you choose anything else to accessorize your look today?
Daniel: I didn't choose any watch because I wanted this look to be simple. I opted for my favorite belt and black low-profile Johnston and Murphy black dress shoes because I didn't want anything to distract from the suit. Black accessories like a belt and shoes pair well with this suit but don't overwhelm it.

Thanks to Daniel for letting us talk to him about how his custom made-to-measure suit is so magnificent- and we agree. The right suit custom fit to you makes anyone feel like a million bucks.

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