A Classic Look Instantly Elevated with Tailoring: What I Wore Series

We had the opportunity to sit down with Alan from the Kenwood Towne Centre store in Cincinnati to talk about style, watches, music, and of course, what he was wearing!

Alan’s a big fan of a well tailored garment and loves the confidence he feels when he knows he looks good—he’s ready to attack anything! In this case, a Monday.

His outfit was impeccably tailored and perfectly fit for his physique and his personal style. A classic look—sport coat and jeans—but with more customizations than you can count, thanks to Ticknors Bespoke. He really loves being able to add a personal touch to his garments, which is something that adds a bit of flair to any look.

The outfit was centered around a custom-designed sport coat from Ticknors Bespoke. When creating the sport coat, which is his 4th custom Ticknors Bespoke garment, he wanted to put together something that has a lot of versatility—something that can be worn on Monday to work or on a Saturday night out to dinner.

The sport coat is deep charcoal grey with blue and lavender accents and a classic windowpane plaid. “When I designed this jacket I really wanted to have something that was versatile and had a few unexpected pops of color,” said Alan, “I chose to include surgeon sleeves with working buttonholes and even used periwinkle blue stitching on the last button, as well as on the lapel, to compliment the lavender accent colors on the windowpane.”

Another cool personalization that Alan added was using an alternative color stitching throughout the jacket—a silver— to add even more visual interest to the jacket. Since he likes to wear silver accessories, this is a great way to tie the look together.


The look is completed with a classic Oxford-blue shirt by Serica (non-iron, because who has time for that) and a black v-neck sweater by Raffi. Alan told us “I love these Raffi sweaters, especially this time of year, because they are lightweight and are all made with 100% Merino wool or Cashmere. They look great and help you layer up to stay warm without being weighed-down by your sweater. Layering a v-neck under a sport coat is a great look.”

“I’ve always been a jeans and sport coat kinda guy,” Alan told us, “and I have to tell you, I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of jeans than the Alberto jeans we sell here at Ticknors.”

His jeans—the Alberto stretch executive denim in black—are a great pick for this outfit because they are casual and comfortable but also have a sense of professionalism to them since they’re black and have no fading or wash to them. “Since I have this great jacket with so many pops of color and other accents on it, I wanted to pair it up with a classic, simple pant.” Alan told us.

You’ll notice that Alan isn’t afraid to wear accessories to personalize his style even further. He’s wearing a few rings—one in a classic signet style and a gryphon design that he’s had for quite some time and has become part of his everyday wear—and some John Hardy bracelets in silver and black. He’s also wearing a Franck Muller chronograph watch which has quite a few unique characteristics. “I love wearing this watch because it’s a classic look with a modern flair, and I really love the unique numerals on the face,” he told us.

We took the time to ask Alan how he may change up his look while still building his outfit around the custom made Ticknors Bespoke sport coat. He told us “to change up my look I’d opt to wear this jacket with a crisp white dress-shirt and tie and match it up with a modern fit pant, or even a white shirt tucked into a pair of dark blue denim.”

Thanks for they awesome tips, Alan! We appreciate your style tips.