A Practical Guide to Colorful Summer Style

Summer is finally here! Up in Ohio, we are finally getting that awesome summer sun and warmth and it's about time.

With summer comes the ability to spice up your wardrobe with the addition of some injection of bold colors and fun patterns. If you stop in to any retail store in any mall you'll find bold, bright colors and fun, whimsical patterns all over the garments this summer.

Summer brings these vibrant colors and playful patterns but Ticknors understands that sometimes people just don't know how to start to add color in to their wardrobe.

This is fun for us, because if you ask any of the Ticknors clients they'll tell you this: Ticknors is great at finding fun ways to add color and personality in to anyone's look.

So how can you add in these bold colors, stylish patterns, and summer styles in to your daily looks? We at Ticknors have some suggestions that are easy. So let's start with some basics. 

First, swap out your shirt for one with summer color or pattern for instant summer vibes.

This linen shirt is a stylish summer garment that instantly elevates your look. Or, you could mix up this look even further by adding a sport coat for an office-ready summer style (read last weeks blog for more on summer office style inspiration).

The key to wearing these bold colors is to pick colors that you like and that compliment your style and skin tone the best. As a rule of thumb, blues look great on pretty much anyone so start there if you don't know which colors are best.

However you wear them, bold colored sport and dress shirts can add that summer punch to your look in an effortless way.

Second, mix up your standard sport coat style by choosing a sport coat in a bold color (like light blue or even red!)

This look works well for places where you can be a little more casual. We paired this blue sport coat and sport shirt with a light colored denim pant so we recommend this for a Friday at the office, a night out on the town, or a backyard wedding or event. 

The blues are seasonal and bright which makes this a great summer style.

Third, consider wearing a more non-traditional pant. Whites, khakis, or even sage green jeans add another level of summer to your style.

The burnt orange pant is a fun way to take the navy sport shirt and bring it right in to the summer. The whimsical fish pattern is fun but the overall color of this shirt is a bit dark - but that's an easy fix.

The orange color pants ties in to the shirt and gives you the perfect outfit to run errands this weekend. (Who said you can't look stylish while running errands?!)

This look could be easily completed with a great brown or navy slip-on loafer. Casual comfort and effortless style - yes please. 

Fourth, add some summer style accessories like a bold pocket square or some great sunglasses.

If you have a favorite look and want to make it instantly summery, bust out those shades. Sunglasses also help you look extra cool as you sip drinks on a patio as the sun sets..... almost like a Bond villain. 

Adding in a bold pocket square can have the same effect. This suggestion works well for those of you who have a bit more of a strict dress code at work but still desire to add in some summer-time flair. Bold pocket squares also work well for summer weddings and date nights. You simply cannot go wrong with a bold pocket square.

Other great accessories are simple bracelets, unique time pieces, or even colored cuff links. You can absolutely use accessories to pump the summer feel in to your look.

Lastly, don't take your sock game that serious this summer. It's ok to even forget to wear them! 

This suggestion may not work for everyone and that's ok. If you are a traditional sock wearer and would never consider going without socks, keep it up! Swap out heavier socks for lighter weight and brighter colored socks and you can't go wrong.

If you are willing to brave this trend, we recommend giving no-show socks a try. This way, you can still wear your favorite shoes without the worry of sweat, itch, or smell.

If you’re ready to give the no socks look a try, now is the time to do it. Showing off your ankle is a can-do this summer; try it out the next time you hit the town on Friday or Saturday night.

Bold colors and bright patterns fit perfectly in to summer styles, but Ticknors understands that sometimes it's hard to just get started.

If you need some more help, stop in to any of our stores and let us help you find some great summer garments. We've got a lot of great inventory in our stores and we would love to show you.