Swanky Suit Style: Top Tips for Perfectly Polished Suit Looks

Ticknors services a multitude of different customers in a variety of different sizes. No two people that walk in our stores are identical, in size or style, and trust us - we understand that. 

Style is a very personal thing and the most stylish people identify with how they present themselves through their clothing, accessories, and overall look. 

That's why no two suits should ever be the same, either.

Suiting style is also a very personal extension of a person and part of that personality and style lies in the construction and fit of a suit.

Suiting style also means choosing the right styles and details to craft a suit look that not only reflects your personal style but also makes you look and feel powerful.

Crafting your own suit style can seem like a challenge, but it's really not. Ticknors style experts have complied some tips for different body types to help guide you. It doesn't matter if you are tall, short, or in-between - Ticknors has some tips to make crafting your suit style as easy as possible no matter your body type.

If you are tall and thin.......


  • Stay away from very thin suits. While a nicely tailored slimmer fit suit can compliment this body type too slim can look comical. Consider a slimmer fit suit pant but a double-breasted jacket to balance your look out. 
  • Steer clear of slanted pockets or anything that adds a longer line to your look. Keep pockets straight and add some interest with a ticket pocket if you feel there is just too much space. 
  • If you add a tie, make sure it's long enough. You don't want to sabotage your style with a too-short tie! 
  • Consider a three-piece suit. Adding the vest to your look can add some heft and accentuate your style without looking silly. Plus, three piece suits are seriously so cool, like James Bond.
  • Don't be afraid of pattern but choose the right patterns. Pinstripes may not be the most flattering but bigger, bolder plaids and checks can work very well for this shape. Bigger patterns add more width to your shape. 
  • You are a prime candidate for cuffs on your trousers. Since you already have the height and linear physique, your look can be elevated and polished by adding a cuff to your trousers. Cuffs also adds a bit of a flair to your style.

If you are on the shorter side.....


  • Longer jackets can become your best friend. They should be at least to your bottom, if not a big longer to create a longer silhouette. 
  • Solids and darker colors are better for this body shape. Pinstripes can also work well. The pinstripes can create a longer silhouette as well.
  • Peak lapels can draw the eye up instead of down, can flatter your shoulders, and slanted pockets can also create that longer silhouette. 
  • Definitely get your clothing tailored. Keeping your jacket tailored through your midsection without being too tight can help slim and lengthen also. Expert tailoring can create suit looks that are almost magic in nature.
  • Keep your overall look more simple and add your flair and personality in ties, pocket squares, and interesting shoes. The simple look works well because it helps to slim you down.
  • Suspenders look great on you so wear them! Choose pants that are a bit bigger than your normal size and create a "fake" waistline by wearing suspenders. 
  • Be conscious of your suit proportions - this body type needs to look proportional and have the right placement of pockets and buttonholes. Expert tailoring makes all the difference, so plan to get your suits tailored. This is a surefire way to ensure you look great. 

For those that are both short AND slim.....

  • Consider a jacket that's a little shorter than normal. This gives the illusion of height for this body type. 
  • Slim and skinny are not the same, and make sure you know the difference! A slim lapel can be a good move but too skinny of a lapel can make you appear even smaller than you are, so avoid it when possible. 
  • Let the cuff hang out! Tailor your jacket to show off some of your shirt cuffs to create a longer silhouette for your arms. 
  • Slimming colors and patterns can also lengthen for you, so opt for dark and sleek suit fabrics for your looks. You can get away with some of the shinier, iridescent, or fashion fabrics. 
  • Rocks those slimmer fit shirts. The key to being slim and short and rocking a great suit is proportion. 
  • Don't do cuffs or pleated pants. Cuffs can make you seem shorter, and pleated pants add weight to your hips and can make you look bad. Slimmer fit pants with little to no break in the pants work well for this body type.

And for the muscular men.....


  • Don't wear anything that's cropped. This will make you look broader than you already are, and can look extremely boxy. 
  • Tailor your suit jacket to make the narrower part of your jacket, well, more narrow. You'll want to find a jacket that fits your wide shoulders and get it expertly tailored to accent your physique. 
  • The more muscle you have the more stress you can put on the seams of your suit, so opt for durable and heavier fabrics. Consider asking your tailor if they can reinforce the seams (so you don't hulk out and tear your suit while you are wearing it).
  • Choose unlined suits. The lining can add extra weight and simply be too hot for you. If you have a situation in which you want to have a lining, try a half lined jacket. 
  • Give yourself room in the hips, bottom and thighs. This is another perfect instance for tailoring. Off-the-rack pants just won't work for you, so find ones that fit your "seat" and get them tailored to your legs. 
  • Belt-less pants work well for this body shape as it adds a bit of a slimming look. Belts and belt loops can add a bit of unnecessary weight around your midsection.
  • Don't try the slim suit trend - it just won't work for your body type. Expert tailoring comes in to play yet again for this body type. Finding a tailor who will listen to your feedback on fit and style that also knows how to tailor for fit men is a good move. If you don't like your tailor, move on and find another one. 

Ticknors hopes these tips guide you and help you find great suiting style no matter your shape. Looking effortlessly stylish isn't and shouldn't be hard and Ticknors is here to help! 

We encourage you to come in and chat with our style experts in any of our stores. Our associates are ready to help you create the perfect suit style. We've got a range of fabrics, styles, and patterns to work with and want to help you create great looks. Stop in our stores and chat with us anytime!