Ticknors Style Series: The BEST Ways to Style Your Favorite Blue Suit

Creating stylish looks with a blue suit or suit separates seems easy - and it is. But often times, we find that people think it’s easy and make it a little too easy. Easy can sometimes turn into boring and the Ticknors style experts do not want boring looks!

A great blue suit can get you through a lot of social situations, but styling it just right for your occasion can leave you scratching your head. 

If you aren't quite a suit person and don't need something formal, you should consider finding a structured blue sport coat and a classic pair of well-fitting dress pants to make a "faux" suit.

In some situations, this pairing can create the look of a suit while giving you a little bit of flexibility in your wardrobe. The ideal person for this would be a person who doesn't need to wear suits weekly or even monthly. If you spend more time in sport coats and jeans, you could pull this off. The key to this look is keeping the colors pretty consistent so it looks like it in fact came together as one "suit".

Now, on to suit style!

Why is it so easy to take a blue suit and make it boring? Well, it's likely because blue is an extremely versatile color. It's easy to pair blues with blues when coming up with a look. It's easy to fall in to a rut in the morning and reach for your blue dress shirt and blue ties.... but stop right there! Open your style mind and start to see how great and easy it is to add color to your blue suit styles. 

How can you make a blue suit exciting?

Add in that color! Add in that pattern! Almost begin to think of blue as black - it is a stylish color that can go with so many other colors.

To start we will make it easy.

Let's try this color pallet:

Tying the blue to a purple color pallet is an easy way to add fun and personality to a blue suit. Purple is an easy introduction color for those who want to play with color in their looks but are a little more apprehensive to do so. 

You can add as much purple as you want to your look. Start by adding in just one accessory, like a tie (like Jordan did here).


Here Jordan showcases how seriously cool a three piece suit is, and how easy it is to add in purple with your main accessory: the tie. Adding in the purple tie with the three piece suit adds the pop and keeps the classic feel.

If you want to add purples but don't want to sport a tie, swap out your sport shirt and that pocket square to get your purple fix.  Make your shirt and pocket square compliment each other but in no way do they need to be exact matches!

Have fun with the injection of purple into your wardrobe and use it as a starting point to introduce more color in to your style. 

For another example, take this color pallet:

This color pallet adds in brighter colors and an accent color that is in the red color family. Looking at these colors you can see that the key is adding in 1 to 2 bold accent colors instead of 3 or 4.

It's not to say you can't luck out and find a great sport shirt that incorporates a few accent colors, but don't add in a bunch of bold hues on their own. This could create a look that isn't cohesive. 

These two styles showcase how you can add in an accent color like teal or something in the red/pink family. It's easy to take that blue suit and make it bold by adding in some serious color.

Lastly, let's take a look at this more subdued color pallet: 

If you aren't able to really add the color you want because of dress code or profession, you still have choices and options. Consider a modern muted color pallet like this one. 

The purple makes another appearance but in a cooler tone. Pinks are also introduced as well as a taupe color. Again, don't try to make all of these colors work at the same exact time but use it as inspiration to build your styles around color.

While this first look incorporates a lighter dress pant, the basic idea behind pairing the shirt with the sport coat still makes sense. The taupe color makes an appearance in both the shirt and the pocket square. 

You can also take this color pallet and make it a little more subdued but still not boring. 

Here, the pinkish hues and the tan are present in the shirt and tie combo but are much more subdued. The blue of this coat is bolder so Ticknors style experts kept the sport shirt and tie combo more subdued. This makes a stylish suit look while adding in appropriate colors without becoming flashy.

The sky is really the limit with blue suiting and blue suit separates. While it can be easy to make a blue suit boring - don't do it! Being stylish and trendy is easy when you've got the right wardrobe.

If you need some help with suit style stop in to our stores and talk to our associates. The Ticknors team is ready to help you create a unique and personal style so you can rest assured you will look great for any occasion. See you soon!