Lightweight Sport Coat: What To Wear To Look Cool, Even When The Temperature Is Hot

Summer time is still here (thank goodness). Hotter summer temperatures can occasionally throw you for a style curve ball - we get it, we’ve all been there. 

You have a great social event that you want to look effortlessly stylish at, but find yourself scratching your head wondering what you can wear that ISN’T your winter sport coat, a full suit, or something way to casual. What do you wear? How do you look polished and perfectly dressed for both occasion and weather?

Enter the lightweight sport coat.

These sport coats are made of lighter fabrics and in lighter colors. You’ll find creams, oatmeals, baby blue, sage greens, and light grays in these sport coats. These are perfect colors for stylish summer occasions. 

Lightweight sport coats are also made out of lightweight fabrics. Your tweeds, twill, corduroy, wool and wool blends are best for cooler temps like the fall and winter. Lightweight summer sport coats are made out of linen, seersucker, cotton and various blends with these fabrics. The lightweight material makes them stylish for the warm (or hot) weather while keeping you looking so cool. 

How can you wear your lightweight sport coats with ease?

Put a simple, yet bold polo underneath it.

This look works because the blue polo is bold and the sport coat is both light in color and in texture and pattern. This look would work well for a casual Friday at the office, for traveling back home after a business trip, or taking your wife out to a fun Saturday date night. 

Play with colors and make a big (and stylish) impact.

If you really want to make an impact at an event, add in color in a big way. This look is heavy on the greens and blues but makes a modern impact in a bold way. Embracing strong colors and bolder patterns makes this look unique and shows personality.

This look works best for events like garden weddings, a rehearsal dinner, or a trendy dinner at a hip restaurant. A look like this is sure to make it easy to strike up a conversation with anyone.

Look well-dressed without looking overdressed.

While being overdressed is better than being underdressed, being well dressed is the best situation. Choosing a lightweight sport coat that is right for the event you are dressing for is easy with the right sport coat. Interesting hues with more subtle sport shirts look classic and perfectly dressed for pretty much any occasion. Seriously. Where can’t you wear this? 

Make sure your sport coat is tailored to perfection.

Skipping this step can take a great look and turn it sloppy. Perfectly fitting sleeves and a flattering length can all be achieved by taking your sport coat to a tailor.

Every man is different and so is their body - and even an off-the-rack sport coat needs tailored to fit your body type. 

Ticknors stores have tailors on-site as an extra level of service to our clients. The Ticknors client knows that expert tailoring expertly elevates a look. (If your regular menswear store doesn’t have a tailor in-house, come see why this is a differentiator between us and that other guy.)

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and make it dressier.

Swapping out casual pants for great fitting and tailored dress pants and a pair of slick loafers can take any of these looks from day to night fast.

Swap out your accessories too - a silk pocket square, a great time piece, and some metal bracelets - to elevate your look even further. You can’t go wrong by making a look dressier.

You should always strive to be the best dressed person in the room!