The Ticknors Custom, Curated Buying Process Makes The Difference

Ticknors is one-of-a-kind for many reasons. Our customers, our associates, and the relationships we build make a visit to Ticknors unlike a visit to any other menswear store out there.

But the other big part of what makes Ticknors different is how we select the clothes for each season.

Ticknors does not pull charts, reports, and graphs to then automate what colors, sizes, and styles of clothes are sent to their stores. The buying team at Ticknors is a small group of people who visit buying shows multiple times each year to select the styles that will show up in the Ticknors stores each season. 

We will say it one more time - a small group of people seek out the best styles, colors, patterns, garments, and accessories and hand-select the very best for our clients.

Our customer experience coupled with our buying process makes a Ticknors store experience unlike any other you'll find in a menswear store. 

Earlier this month, the Ticknors buying team was in Chicago looking for the most stylish clothing for next spring. The team visited booths, talked to vendors, viewed garments and accessories, and picked what the stores will sell for spring 2020. 

Here is a glimpse in to one day and of one show that the Ticknors buying team visits to find the best, most fashionable and highest quality menswear season after season.