Classic Upleveled Americana: What I Wore Series with Mack from Southpoint

If you've never read one of our What I Wore articles, you are in for a real treat.

For these particular articles, we visit stores and chat with the Ticknors associates and ask them about what they are wearing. We want to know what great pieces they have on, why they picked that, what influences style, and why their customers trust them. 

In this latest installment, we spoke with Mack from The Streets at Southpoint. Mack works at the Durham, NC store. Read on for our conversation about his style.


So Mack, who are you wearing?

M: I have on a Paul Betenly sport coat, a custom-made white button down collar shirt, Jack Victor Riveria pant, Bugatchi socks, and my shoes are actually a company called Meermin. They are originally from Spain. I really like them because they are such a classic dress shoe.

Sounds like you are wearing some of the best that Ticknors offers. When you picked our your pieces and styled yourself today, what were you trying to achieve?

M: I really love the classics. I generally will wear some sort of derivative of this each day. If you come in to Ticknors on any day I'll be wearing something that resembles this. I love a good classic look. I'll choose a solid sport shirt, a great sport coat in a classic color or pattern, some great fitting pants and add some personality with my pocket square and socks. I'd say this has become my personal style. It works well because These colors and cuts add some length and weight to my tall and thin frame. Plus, I believe it's extremely professional and my customers will trust me more with my classic style. 

What do you think has influenced this classic style you have? Any blogs, articles, or people that you think helped to inspire you?

M: I'd say my grandpa and the era in which he grew up. When I look back at photos of him and other photos of that time period, I love the classic colors, patterns, and cuts. I think this kind of classic look translates so well between generations and it always looks great.

I also find some inspiration from a blog called the Armoury. If you visit the blog you'll see a modern take on classic style. It's great clothing, classic colors, and great fits. I think I gravitate toward this because I don't like to wear or sell "fashionable" trends. I think that there are certain colors or patterns that can stay season after season, but generally speaking the trends you see in big box stores just don't work for me or my clients. I want to help clients create styles, not trends.

So what's the #1 piece of advice you'd give someone who is starting to craft their own personal style?

M: I would tell them that they need to focus on creating a timeless style and not follow the trends. Skinny may be in now, but in a year or two you are going to wish your suit wasn't so "skinny" anymore. Guys shouldn't try too hard. It's really about being effortlessly stylish and classic. If your look takes longer than 15 minutes to create, it's too much work. Make your clothes and your wardrobe work for you, not make it harder to look great. 

One last question. Why do your clients like and trust you and why do they come back to see you?

M: Our clients are very busy professionals who spend their time making decisions each and every day. They trust me and come to see me because they know I can create timeless styles that work for their life and their wardrobe and save them time. They don't have to go to multiple stores and "shop", they can just come see me at Ticknors for complete looks that work for them.

Thanks for chatting with us Mack!

If you are in the Durham area, visit our Streets at Southpoint store and speak with Mack and the other great associates. They are ready to help you craft a great style that works for you and your life with the stylish garments we have in our stores.

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