Dress Stylish For Father's Day: 4 Outfits to Inspire Your Look!

Father's Day is another great day to celebrate just how great it is to be, know, or have a dad. 

Don't be caught without a stylish look for Father's Day! Whether you are a dad or you are celebrating a dad, look your best with some style inspiration from the style experts at Ticknors.

Our style experts created four great looks for you - take some inspiration from these four looks to come up with a fantastic look this Father's Day.

Our first look is a bold pattern shirt paired with a white jean.

This look works so well because it's the perfect summer combination. Some men may shy away from white pants, but not us. White pants are easy to wear if you have the rest of the outfit just right.

White jeans add casual flair to this look and really create a style that is perfect for brunch, lunch, and other casual Father's Day activities. 

Ticknors style experts took this look to the next level by pulling in a pocket square with purple and blue hues. Adding this pocket square expertly tied the look together while adding more overall interest and personality.


Shirt: Haupt Sport Shirt in blue floral pattern
Coat: Michael Kors unlined striped sport coat 
Pants: Alberto jeans in white 

Our second look is a bold color shirt and sport coat combination.

This look was created around a white dress pant instead of a white jean. Jeans are more casual than dress pants - so our style experts decided to up the ante and chose a white dress pant to elevate this look.

The white dress pant brings a great summer feel to this look overall but the sport shirt and sport coat combination make the look feel more fashionable and less casual.

This look is a modern take because this sport coat features patch pockets. The non-folded pocket is unique and creates a look that is easy to wear (and everyone wants that!)


Shirt: Haupt Sport Shirt
Coat: Michael Kors Sport Coat in blue
Pants: Tommy Bahama pant in white


Our third look combines grey and cream tones for a smooth style. 

Ticknors style experts wanted to give you a look that showcased a darker pant. A lot of men already have a great pair of grey dress pants in their closet, and this look is an easy way to bring summer into a look with a darker pant (that isn't a jean!)

A shirt with the subtle pattern is a perfect compliment for the grey dress pants.

To complete this look, a fun pocket square was selected that complimented the cream of the coat and tied in to the cooler hues of the rest of this look. Don't ever feel like your pocket square has to match your shirt. You can choose a pocket square that ties well in to the coat and compliments the rest of the look. 

If you are headed out to a family dinner or are dining at a country club, this is a fantastic look for you! 


Shirt: Nove knit polo
Coat: Michael Kors unlined sport coat in cream
Pants: Alberto chinos in a charcoal grey

The fourth and final look showcases a modern black sport coat look that is polished.

Our fourth and final inspiration look shows you how to perfectly wear a black sport coat. The best thing about this look? This look can be easily worn for so many other occasions because a black sport coat is a must have in every man's closet. 

Our style experts brightened up this look by choosing a bold patterned shirt in a purple hue. The geometric pattern of this shirt adds visual interest to this look and is a fun way to inject some personality into this style.

To complete this look, a geometric patterned pocket square was added along with grey dress pants. Polished, perfectly put together, and playful.

(A look like this is easy to mix up depending on your favorite colors, what season it is, or what type of event you may be attending - for example, this look would be great for you if you are in a wedding and need to attend a rehearsal dinner).

If you are treating dear ol' dad to dinner at the steak house, opt for a look like this. It's perfect for a swanky place night out on the town.


Shirt: Au Noir Sport Shirt in purple geometric print
Coat: Au Noir Sport Coat in black
Pants: Alberto chinos in charcoal

Whatever you do for dad's day, make sure you look great while doing it. Ticknors hopes these look help inspire you this Father's Day and help you choose great clothing that is modern and effortlessly stylish. 

If you still need help, stop in and see us. We'd love to help you (or dad!) create a great look for this Father's Day.