One Coat, Many Ways: Ticknors Guide to Styling One Coat 3 Ways

Mixing spring in to your wardrobe can be both fun and effortless (we promise!)

Yes, it's true. You likely read that sentence more than once and thought to yourself, "how can that be? Fun AND effortless? How???!?!"

Great colors, like the purple of this Jack Victor Sport Coat, make mixing bold color into your wardrobe effortless.

Our Ticknors style experts took this sport coat and styled it three ways to show you how versatile fun colors can actually be. Don't let color scare you - add some personality and FUN to your look with one great (colored) coat.

Look #1: Casual and cool style 

For this look, we took the Jack Victor Sport Coat and paired it with a a navy v-neck knit t-shirt (like this navy v-neck t-shirt from Patrick Assaraf) and some dark denim. 

Whether you opt for a great, classic fashion sneaker or dress this look up a bit with some leather lace-ups is up to you, but either way this look just oozes effortlessly cool. 

Look #2: Pattern adds personality

For this look, we swapped out the navy v-neck for a patterned sport shirt (our multicolored Au Noir sport shirts like this one are a great dress shirt for this look).

In this look, the sport shirt has purple in the pattern so it paired perfectly with the sport coat. The same pocket square was used for both this and the first look because pocket squares add a fun element of interest and are so versatile. 

We also swapped the jeans for black dress pants to really step this look up. This way, it's easy to be ready for a fun social event or more easy-going networking opportunity.

Look #3: Professional and polished (and purple)

Ticknors created this look by swapping the patterned shirt for a solid white dress shirt and a purple tie that compliments the purple of the sport coat. This look is an easy win because a white dress shirt goes with  e v e r y t h i n g. 

Every man should own one (or two or three!) great fitting tailored white dress shirts. They are one of the most easy-to-wear garments any man can own.

Playing shuffleboard has never looked so stylish and professional.


Ticknors made styling this one coat extremely simple - and we hope it showed you how you can add color and versatility to your wardrobe this spring and summer.

Investing in garments that can be worn in so many different ways makes it easy to look effortlessly stylish!

Still need help? Stop in to our stores and speak with a style expert. Ticknors is ready to help you look your best!