The Busy Man's Guide To Packing for a Business Trip

January has finally ended, and it felt like the month was actually a year. Often times, the end of January also signifies the part of the year a lot of people start traveling to trade shows, business meetings, and other places for business trips. When traveling for business, the key is taking only what you truly need for your trip. 

If you have ever taken a business trip, you know that it can be challenging to determine exactly what you should bring and why. Since travelers are often only gone for a couple days it can be easy to overpack. 

So - when you travel for business, what should you bring to maximize your look but minimize your luggage?

First, choose 1-2 pairs of shoes to pack. 

Wear your bulkiest pair of shoes (perhaps a pair of fashion sneakers) and pack your other shoes. Make sure the both pairs of shoes you choose pair well with the outfits you will need for your trip. If you are doing part sightseeing and part business meetings, consider a great pair of leather lace up dress shoes and a fashionable pair of sneakers. Both will come in handy and add to your overall look for any occasion. Sneakers are great for the airport, running to the hotel lobby, or sightseeing. You leather lace up dress shoes can fill in the rest of your occasions with ease. 

Second, add an extra dress shirt to your bag.

You never know when you will either need a wardrobe change mid-day or if an impromptu dinner meeting will occur, so it's better to be prepared than to scramble. If you roll your clothing (which we highly recommend) you'll be able to squeeze in one more shirt. Pack enough dress shirts to last you the total number of days you will be doing business. Three days of meetings means three dress shirts + an extra, just for good measure. 

Third, pack a business appropriate suit.

Make sure you have both the coat and pants of an appropriate suit. What is appropriate depends on your industry. Don't be underdressed or unprepared by not packing a suit. We suggest a navy suit because it's so versatile and able to be worn with so many different colors. Our second choice is a dark grey suit. 

Fourth, don't forget the right accessories.

This means rolling up a tie or two and tossing in the corresponding pocket squares. Again, these are such small items to pack you can squeeze them pretty much into any free spot. If you are really short on space, consider rolling them as tight as possible and sticking them inside shoes. Be sure to pack at least one tie and one pocket square but consider tossing in an extra set to be safe.

Fifth, pack (or wear!) a comfortable and appropriate pair of dark denim.

The best way to travel with a pair of jeans is to simply wear them, as long as you don't need to jump right off a plane and in to a business meeting. Denim can be worn more than one time without washing so wearing your jeans on the flight and having them as backup when needed makes a lot of sense. The dark denim gives you room to play (incase you spill a little something on them and have to clean them off!) while making a sport shirt and sport coat combo look polished and put together.

Sixth, grab a light weight knit sweater.

This is a great piece to have and travel with. If you want to save space on packing this, toss it in your laptop bag or wear it on the plane. This will keep you stylish, warm, and ready for anything. A great and stylish knit sweater can be layered over a dress shirt and tie for a bit more casual look. This layered look can work well for drinks after your meetings or a more casual networking event after a day at a trade show. 

And our last suggestion, don't forget a great time piece.

A great watch on an elegant bracelet can really elevate an outfit. If you wear it with a suit it's a stylish way to finish your look. If you wear your watch with a sport shirt and sport coat it adds an elevated feel to your overall look. It's easy to travel with (just wear it!) and serves a stylish purpose. You cannot go wrong with a classic timepiece!

We hope these suggestions made it easy for you to create a packing list. Packing for a business trip can be hard enough and Ticknors wants to make sure you look great and feel amazing. 

If you are headed out of town and don't have all the right pieces of clothing, stop in to our stores anytime. Our style experts would love to show you what's new, what's trendy, and what you can wear to make an impact with your look. 


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