Take The Stress Out Of How To Dress For Valentine's Day - Three Stylish Looks for Your Romantic Night!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that is exciting! Wowing your significant other with romantic gestures, chocolate, and a delicious dinner are all fantastic ways to show how much you value and adore them.

But don't put in all the work to create the perfect date without thinking of what you will wear.

What will you wear that makes you look stylish and cool? You want to make sure you are the perfect compliment to your amazing date! 

The style experts at Ticknors created these great looks that cover a lot of scenarios for your Valentine's Day date. From a more laid-back brunch to an exclusive reservation at the newest hot spot, we have looks to make you look as amazing as you feel.

Our first look - a cool, casual layered look perfect for a laid back date.

First up is our more casual look. Our experts layered a hooded knit under a more casual sport coat and paired with some dark denim.

We suggest this look for a lovey brunch, a casual dinner before a movie, or something where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. 

The fitted shirt under the hooded knit added a bit more color in a complimentary way. Our style experts wanted this look to be cool meets casual and we think it's a big win. (If you love the knit, find the Toscano hooded knit here.)

Our style experts tied the blue of the hooded knit to the pocket square for a little extra pop of color. 

The buttons and stitching on this sport coat are the perfect compliments to this look and add a visual interest. This Michael Kors sport coat is a versatile sand color and goes well with just about anything. 


Our second look - a look that takes color to the next level by mixing up the color of your pants.

This look is a bit more interesting than your standard sport coat look because the style experts swapped out denim jeans for a colored pair. 

This would be a great look for a dinner-and-a-movie date, a shopping date, or even a double-date with some friends. This look transitions easily from afternoon to night so it's perfect for drinks out after you finish your meal.

Our experts opted for a pair of our Alberto jeans. You won't sacrifice comfort with this look. The pocket square adds some continuity by tying in to the pants. 

This blue sport coat is vibrant in an interesting way (if you love this coat, find one just like it here!) The small and subtle dots of the shirt really make this look effortless and trendy. The look is tied together so effortlessly so be ready to wow your date!

Our third look - a suit so that's so fashionable you will want to wear it right now!

If we've said it once we've said it twice - suits are always a great choice. And wearing a swanky suit on a romantic date is certainly a way to impress your date.

Suits are great any time and would work well if you and your date were heading out to an exclusive reservation or headed out to hop all over town. Suits look fantastic and make you feel powerful so feel free to wear them on the most romantic night of the year!

Navy is an easy choice because it's so versatile. A navy suit is a winner in your closet and it's a winner for your date night. Our experts ditched the tie since we wanted to keep a casual. 

The pocket square is fun and adds pattern in while tying in to the lavender and navy of the shirt. Pocket squares add a visual element that can be personalized easily. 

These three looks are perfect for a date on the most romantic day of the year. Whether you decide to plan a laid-back date, a fun day out, or snag a reservation to the hottest spot in town make sure you look fantastic while doing it. 

Ticknors would love to help you come up with great looks for all of your occasions. Stop in our stores or make an appointment here  and have our stylists help you create stylish and trendy looks to make you feel like a million bucks. 

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