Suiting with a Spin- How Custom Tailoring Spiced Up this Sunday Outfit: What I Wore Series

We had fun when we spent time with the guys at the store in Kenwood before the holidays. We talked to Chris, Dan, and Andrew about some of their personal styles and why they like them. 
We featured Chris on a What I Wore Series post here so next we thought we would feature Dan from Kenwood! Dan was fun to talk with because he often gets his suits tailored and created specifically for him - all the way down to the details.
He showed us how he opted for special pockets and that he loves to get his clothing monogramed. Customization is another level of personalization that is easy to have fun with in your own clothing (especially when it's made just for you, like bespoke!)
Read on to see what Dan had to say about bespoke suits, how he created a custom shirt around the buttons, and what his customers are loving lately.
Thanks for chatting with us Dan. We love your look today - can you tell us a bit about what you are wearing?
Today I have on a custom Bespoke suit made by Ticknors. It's a custom fit suit which is important to me. I don't like the off the shelf fit and I really like to customize my wardrobe so Bespoke suits and sport shirts are what works best for me. It's a small plaid grey and charcoal pattern that works well with a lot of different shirts that I already own. I also chose a surgeon's sleeve on the suit and a convertible cuff on my shirt. Not only do they look great but I can show clients how some of these options look in person.
Why do you prefer made to measure bespoke garments as opposed to something tailored off the rack?
I think all suits need to be tailored, and I took it a step further. The Bespoke suits are great because they don't have glue or fusing material. The jacket really stands the test of time. I also like to play with customization and have fun with different non-traditional features like the surgeon's cuff. I was also able to create a suit that has an interesting silver contrast and a cool lapel.
Tell me more about your shirt - it's Bespoke too, correct?
Yes. I picked this lavender color and built the shirt around the grey contrast of the buttons on the shirt. Grey and purple go well together and this shirt is the perfect compliment for the suit.
Can you tell us how you would take this look and personalize it a bit more? What could someone swap out to change this look? 
I didn't choose to wear a tie with this look. I could, this shirt works with ties, but I really like how this looks without the tie. The shirt lays nice under the jacket and it also looks good with the collar unbuttoned. You can change the cufflinks and change up your look and you can always swap out your watch. I love watches with bracelets so I generally always wear one.
So what can you do to swap this look and change it quickly? How can you change one or two things and create a different look?
You could change out the color and style of belt or shoe, and swap with a brown color, to get a different look. The charcoal allows for you to wear grey accessories (like I did) or change them to brown accessories. 
Thanks for talking to us about your look. The Bespoke suits are such a great offering from Ticknors. One last question: what is something in the store that your clients are loving? 
It's got to be the Alberto jeans. Everyone loves them and I understand why. I wear these jeans and I love them so it makes sense! I have four pairs. They are a great and comfortable jean. Style and comfort can go together and some guys don't know that. They also come in a lot of different colors so it's an easy way to add versatility in your wardrobe in a casual way.
Thanks to Dan (and the whole Kenwood team!) for talking to us. If you want to head to Ticknors and talk to Dan in person, you can find him at KENWOOD TOWNE CENTRE, 7875 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236 or call him at 513-818-4111.

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