5 Problems Everyone Has With Transitioning Winter Clothes to Spring – How To Solve Them

Spring is so close, we can feel it. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and it's exciting that in a few short weeks we will be warming up for the season.

Transitioning from a winter wardrobe to a spring wardrobe can feel almost impossible. The fabrics and patterns from the winter are usually different in many ways - winter fabrics are heavier, the colors are deeper, and the accessories usually add both color and warmth.

In the spring we see lighter-weight fabrics, bolder colors, and fun accessories that can add style and flair.

So how do you go from one extreme to the other in a way that makes sense and looks polished and stylish? Are there pieces you have in your winter wardrobe that can help make that transition to spring effortless? Ticknors thinks there are definitely ways you can look great when transitioning from winter to spring.

Here are the 5 problems everyone has when transitioning from winter to spring, and our tips on how to solve them!

Problem #1: You have heavy-weight sport coats you've been wearing out to events and don't know how to use them in the spring.

First, if it's a very heavy sport coat in a dark fabric, it more than likely needs to be stored until next winter. A heavy tweeds and twills in dark colors just don't transition to spring well (and they shouldn't!). They were created for the winter and have certainly served their purpose. If you don't own any lighter weight and neutral colored sport coats, it's time to invest in one.

If your sport coat is a neutral color but just may be a bit heavier of a fabric, keep rocking it in the early spring. The temperatures are still leveling out so you will likely still need the warmth of a piece like that. Add a pop of color by adding in a spring sport shirt under your sport coat and see your look go from winter to spring in an instant. If you wear suits every day, finish your look with a spring tie and pocket square.  

Problem #2: Your closet is full of neutrals and you worry that you will look like you are still stuck in the winter!

This isn't a problem at all! This is great news for your transition wardrobe. Use this to your advantage. If you have an assortment of neutral colored sport shirts, a fun sport coat would compliment this perfectly. The same goes for the reverse - if you have great neutral sport coats invest in some whimsical, fun, and trendy sport shirts. It adds both color and interest and is sure to make it even easier for you to strike up conversations. 

If you don't have neutrals in your closet, this is the perfect time to invest in some. Start with great neutral sport shirts and sport coats. These pieces can stay with you throughout the seasons.

Ticknors recommends having at least two neutral sport coats and 4-6 neutral colored sport shirts. These types of items can become staples in your wardrobe and help you not only transition from season to season but also from occasion to occasion. 

Problem #3: You have a bunch of dark jeans and you don't how how to wear them the right way. 

Dark jeans can still stay around in the spring and summer, so don't store them all! Dark denim is a great alternative to date night, a casual networking event, or a dress-down Friday at the office. Dark denim can be worn in lieu of dress pants in many occasions so keep your favorite one or two pairs available for when you need them.

Mixing in lighter denim is an easy way to take your winter wardrobe right to spring. Lighter washes and whimsical patterns are a fun way to slowly move your look to spring. Just make sure the denim pairs well with your look and that it fits you and your body type perfectly and you'll look great. 

Problem #4: Layering (and staying warm) can be challenging, especially if you are antsy to add in color!

Adding layers isn't something that is just limited to the fall and winter. We talk a lot about this in these seasons but it's something that can be used in the spring and summer too. While the slow movement from winter to true spring weather makes it a bit harder to flip your wardrobe from cold to warmer quickly, you can still find a fun way to incorporate color in your looks. Keeping warm while introducing color isn't as hard as you think.

Start with a great tailored piece of clothing to anchor your look (we recommend a sport coat) and add in a neutral sport shirt, and if needed, a pull over knit. If you want to add some subtle color to your look, play with your accessories. A bold pocket square, a patterned tie, or great socks can all add pops of spring color to your wardrobe. 


Problem #5: You own a lot of great leather boots (that don't need to go away just yet!)

Leather boots are such an easy and versatile shoe to own. They can add style to a sport coat and shirt look or can add interest to a sweater look. Leather boots don't need to be stored for winter - there are great ways to wear them right in to spring!

First, make sure to clean them up. The salt, snow, and rain can wreck havoc on your leather so clean and polish them back into shape. Check the laces and replace if broken. After that, pair those bad boys with your jeans and sport coats to look modern and trendy.

The lighter the leather the easier they are to wear in the spring so opt for light brown, camel colors, or even blue leather. Play with your socks so that your look is complete even when your socks show.

Use our strategies to make the move from winter to spring looks. Staying stylish when the seasons change isn't difficult if you know how to leverage your current wardrobe. Take our tips and make a stylish statement this spring. 

Need more help? Make an appointment here  to speak one on one with one of our style experts, or stop in and let us show you what we can do to help you stylishly spring into the warmer weather.