How To Become Better At Styling Your Suit In 10 Minutes

If we've said it once, we've said it twice (or three times).... this is the Year Of The Suit.

Have an occasion and not sure how to dress? Wear a suit.

Need to look your best for a big interview? Suit. 

Swanky date with your spouse? Suit. 

High-stakes meeting? Wear your suit.

But it's not enough to just put on your favorite power suit and strut your stuff. Don't forget how important it is to choose the right accessories and truly make your suit style your own (and more impactful!)

Figuring out how you can stylishly accessorize your suit can be very easy if you follow these quick tips from the Ticknors style experts. 

Tip #1: Start with your shirt.

Have fun with your shirt. Whether you opt for a sport shirt (like these great Bugatchi Sport Shirts), or a great dress shirt - a fun patterned or colored shirt is a great way to add in color.

If you've got some great shirts in your closet this should be a quick way to add in style and personality without trying too hard.

Ticknors recommends having 5-7 dress and sport shirts in your wardrobe so you are ready for anything. The more variety of color, the better! Luciano Visconti, R.E.V., and James Tattersall make some great sport shirts!

Tip #2: Add in a pocket square.

Having fun with accessories is a way to instantly add style to your suit. The key to making this look work is to choose a pocket square that has similar, but not the same, colors.

Since the patterns will be broken up by the suit coat lapel, you don't have to worry about making your shirt and pocket square perfectly match.

You could choose a pocket square in a solid color or a monochromatic pattern but that is best used when you also have a solid or monochromatic shirt. A black tie event would be the perfect place to wear the solid color look.

Tip #3: Consider a tie. 

There are a lot of great ties out there. There are different fabrics and blends but there are also different silhouettes so have fun with it!

A tie is best worn if it's darker than your shirt - you really want it to make your chest stand out. Your tones should be similar to that of your suit and compliment your overall look.

Our best advice for this is to keep two of your three anchor pieces patterned. If your suit and shirt are patterned, stick with a solid or monochromatic tie. If your suit isn't patterned, have fun with a shirt and tie combo. If your shirt is solid, really play up the tie. Choosing ties that compliment a few shirts in your wardrobe will make it easier to create modern looks in a flash.

Tip #4: Accessorize your wrist.

Mens watches are classic and timeless time pieces that can really add another layer to your look. They add interest and can be another way to style a great suit in a few different ways.

A dress shirt, tie, and metal watch look professional where a sport shirt and watch with a leather band makes your suit a bit more casual.

Whether you choose a metal bracelet or a classic leather strap is up to you, but don't stop at just the watch! Layer in a few great bracelets and some statement rings and really set yourself apart from the next guy.

Tip #5: Socks add a hidden layer of fun and style!

This is a great place to add some spunk and bold colors. Your socks don't generally show so you can really play with colors and patterns here without really putting yourself out there.

Ticknors best tip is to keep the colors in the same color family but you don't have to keep it with the same pattern. This is a fun way to really push the limits of mixing patterns so have fun with it!

Throw on a pair of socks and have an instantly different look. 

Tip #6: Cuff links can really polish off your look.

This last piece is an instant way to change your look from normal to trendy in the time it takes you to add these to your cuffs.

Cuff links create a polished look and cap off your suit style perfectly. Ticknors recommends that you match the metal of your cufflinks to the metal of your accessories. If your belt and monk strap shoes have a silver buckle, choose silver cufflinks. 

This is also a great way to sport something that could have been handed down to you. If you have your dads, uncles, or grandfathers cufflinks wear the heck out of them. Not only will they look cool, but they'll spark conversations.

Cufflinks are another great way to add personalization to your look in an instant!

These six tips can take less than ten minutes and add a stylish and personalized look to your suit. Easy tips like this help you look extra stylish in your favorite suits, and that is a win in our book!

Need some more help? Book an appointment here and let our style experts help you find the best suit styles for you.