Don't ditch those long sleeve shirts this summer! Why long sleeve shirts still have a place in your closet.

When the weather turns warmer, a lot of men feel it's time to push those long sleeve dress and sport shirts to the back of their closet to make way for their short sleeve button down shirts. But wait! Not so fast! 

While the Ticknors style experts love a good (and well-fitting) short sleeve sport shirt in a whimsical color or pattern, don't be so quick to push those long sleeve shirts to the back of the closet! They can have their place in your wardrobe this summer.

A great long sleeve shirt can go a long way. While you'll still need a handful of them for summer events (like weddings, date nights, networking events), make sure you keep out some of your favorite shirts to wear everyday too.

What makes a long sleeve shirt great for summer?

Make sure you choose summer colors for your shirts.

Light colors, pastels, and bolder patterns make great summer shirts. These will pair well with great shorts, lighter jeans, or a great pair of linen pants. Summer colors can be interpreted however you like, but Ticknors style experts suggest staying away from black, navy, charcoal, and deep rich colors. It's just not the season for colors like that! 

Colors like light blue, teals, purples, pinks, and oranges scream summer. Find a color that works well for you and run with it.

It needs to fit you!

Don't settle for an off-the-rack shirt (unless it fits you like it actually was tailored, which is rare!) Invest not only in your shirt but in the tailoring that is required to make it fit your body. Nothing is more sad than seeing a great but ill-fitting shirt on a great looking guy. Don't be that guy - invest in tailoring to make sure your garments fit you well.

Ticknors has tailors on-site in all of our stores to ensure your clothes fit you the way they should. We make it even easier to be effortlessly stylish. No sense in going to two different places to find quality menswear, tailored to perfection - come see us and make it easy.

Third is consider shirts with interesting cuffs.

We have some great dress shirts (like this whimsical Bugatchi shirt with contrast cuff) to help you elevate your look. If you choose a shirt with a fun cuff you will continue to look stylish even with your sleeves rolled up. 

A lot of the sport shirts in our stores have a fun, contrast cuff. It's an interesting way to add more personality to a look and works well when you are making your shirt the focal point of your look. Since summer is the perfect time to wear sport shirts without a sport coat (mostly because it's just too hot to wear one) it's important to choose long sleeve sport shirts with extra layers of interest. 

Lastly don't forget to mix up the fabric or style.

This is the perfect time to introduce linen, a banded collar, stripes, marled, or any other style that you think looks great without a coat over it. Since the summer long sleeve style should be created around great shirts that are worn without a coat over them, really have fun with the colors, fabric, and style of your shirt. 

The shirt should also be a great shirt that looks awesome with the sleeves rolled. It'll be hot (one of these days) and you will want to roll up your sleeves and still look effortlessly stylish.

Summer is a great time to pull out those great short sleeve sport shirts, but don't forget to leave out some of your stylish long sleeve sport shirts too. Both styles of shirts have a place in your summer wardrobe! 

If you need some help, stop in our stores and chat with our sales associates. They'll be more than happy to help you find great garments for your summer styles.