Wedding Attire Inspiration & Why Buying Your Suit Is The Best Choice

If you are the man of the hour, you want to look almost as good as your bride on your wedding day since it is the most important day in your life for the both of you.

It's the day you vow to spend your life together, making sure that the other is taken care of, loved, appreciated, and looking their best (OK that last part maybe we added.....)

There is great care that goes in to creating the perfect wedding day and more than likely your significant other has poured hours of her life in to creating a day that looks and feels just as she's always envisioned it.

So don't let the big box menswear stores do you wrong and sell you a bad suit that just doesn't fit.

Photo: HeatherandSarah 

Buying your suit is the best choice on your wedding day.

A suit you purchase and tailor to fit your frame will look far better than an off-the-shelf suit each and every time. 

Ticknors sells wedding suits and would love to help you find a look that makes you look and feel like a million bucks on the best day of your life.

So how does Ticknors make you look and feel your best?

Photo: AC Photography  

Photo: AC Photography  

Photo: AC Photography  

First, we have associates in each store that are wedding style experts. They are employees that are tasked with connecting with grooms (and brides) to learn about their wedding, the look they are going for, and are ready to recommend fabrics, fits, and styles to go with your theme.


 Photo: Adore Wedding Photography

Photo: Adore Wedding Photography

 Photo: Adore Wedding Photography

Second, we have tailors on location at all of our stores (and even a few extra at our home office!). While we sell great suits, we also know a thing or two about how to tailor them. 

We help the groom select the suit that works best for them and when the suit comes in to our stores, we tailor it to perfection right on site. How many other mens clothing retailers do that?

 Photo: Love Is Greater 

Photo: Love Is Greater

Lastly, our wedding experts work to get the rest of the guys in your bridal party fit with great suits that match or compliment yours.

While you don't have to require everyone come get fit with Ticknors, it's recommended if you want your suits to look great together.

Even if you decide to create a one-off custom wedding look, it's still a great idea to have all of the guys in your wedding party get fit and buy their suits from one retailer. A great retailer knows to order all the suits together so they come from the same lot and look virtually identical.

A really great retailer can then tailor each suit to perfectly fit the person wearing it.

 Photo: Love Is Greater

Ticknors is ready to lend a helping hand in making your wedding style perfect for not only your brides vision but a wedding style that makes you look and feel amazing. 

If you want to see what all the hype is about, call or stop in our stores and chat with the resident wedding expert at a store near you.

If you are ready to take the next steps, make an appointment here and get personalized one-on-one time with our wedding experts and be well on your way to looking amazing on your once-in-a-lifetime day!