Summer Wardrobe Questions, Answered!

The summer means so many more hours in the day and so many more social gatherings, get togethers, and social events over all. ‘Tis the season for rehearsal dinners, patio drinks with friends, concerts, and barbecues. And to be honest, we are so here for it.

Making sure you are dressed the best and most appropriate for all these occasions means doing a bit of planning ahead and making sure your wardrobe is summer-event ready.

Let’s take your most common summer occasions and talk about some Ticknors tips to ensure you are the best dressed person there!

What summer situations require a tie? When should I wear one, and when is it ok to go without one?

That really depends on if you are a tie-guy or not. If you are a tie lover, wear a tie every chance you get! Dinner, drinks, bar hopping, rehearsal dinner - doesn’t matter. Put that tie on and strut your stuff.

If you aren’t quite a tie person and are looking for some guidance, as a rule of thumb Ticknors suggests sporting a tie when the event is in the evening. If it’s a nice dinner with your wife, sport a tie. If you are attending an evening wedding, put on a tie. If you are going out on the town with some friends - why not wear a tie?

This time of year, you don't always need to wear a more professional tie. You can wear a tie with more of a summer style, color, or fabric. Summer is the perfect time to try out some linen ties, or a tie with a floral pattern, or even a knit tie.

If you are part of a wedding, or the one getting married, you should always sport a tie for the rehearsal dinner. May as well start off the wedding festivities looking dapper and continue looking good right into the wedding!


If it’s more of a casual event (like lunch at the country club) no tie is required. Choose a great polo (like this Robert Graham polo) or a button up and you’ll be perfectly dressed.

What shoes should I wear in the summer? What shoes aren’t too dark for summertime looks?


Those dark shoes, heavy boots, and deep leather monk straps should likely be cleaned up and stored for the time being. While you may be able to wear some of your winter shoes in the summer, this is a great time to incorporate fun colored leather, interesting slip-on style loafers, and great dress sneakers.


This is also a time to incorporate your whimsical summer socks, or even try low-profile socks with your shoes. Showing off some ankle in the summer is completely allowed (and it’s warm enough to do so!) so don’t be afraid to show some skin.

When deciding which shoe is best for your occasion, determine how much walking you may be doing as well as the overall feel of the event. If a lot of walking is required, Ticknors suggests a great pair of dress sneakers (like these ZeroGrand Cole Haan shoes). Stylish and comfortable is easy with shoe like these.

If you are attending a casual event, let’s say a weekend lunch with family, slip-on loafers are both cool and stylish. They are also easy to put on - bonus!

If you are donning a tie for said occasion, dress it up with stylish leather shoes. Playing with color (like a blue leather) or opting for a light brown or grey monk strap can finish your look easily.

What are some tips for coming up with a great outfit for a night out with my friends during the summer months? How can I dress for the (hot) weather and look effortlessly stylish while doing so?

Again, Ticknors suggests choosing an outfit based on what you are doing and the places you’ll visit.

If the itinerary is hopping all over during a Saturday in the summer, pick a casual and stylish short sleeve button up dress shirt (like this Robert Graham patterned short sleeve dress shirt or a polo from Tommy Bahama) and pair with a complimentary pair of colored pants. Choose some great dress sneakers or loafers, accessorize and hit the door.

If it’s evening bar hopping on a Saturday night, put on that structured and tailored dress shirt with some great dark denim. If it’s not too hot, toss on a sport coat and you are ready!

Another choice for nighttime bar hopping is a v-neck under a sport coat. A classic color like navy, white, or black allows you to remove your coat and still ooze style.

What is one piece of advice Ticknors would give that anyone can use?


Make sure your clothes fit! Spend the time to find great garments and additions to your wardrobe and get them tailored to fit you perfectly. Every man is not built the same and your clothes should compliment your body shape.

Find a place that can take great care of both you and your clothes - ideally with a tailor shop in-house. Ticknors has tailor shops in each of our stores which makes it even easier to create stylish and polished looks with clothing that fits you perfectly.

Don’t stop at just buying the right pieces, get them fit to you like a glove with custom tailoring!

Have fun this summer, and dress for the occasion. Your wardrobe should be equal parts comfortable, fun, and effortlessly stylish.

If you are still looking for great garments and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, stop in to any of our stores and chat with our style experts. You won’t regret it!