What To Wear This Spring

What To Wear This Spring

Weekend Casual Edition

There's just something so effortlessly cool about a pair of worn-in denim with a sport coat no matter the time of year or the occasion.
But now, pair that with a stylish slim-fit hooded sweater and you’ve got yourself the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything weekend look. From hitting the coffee shop on Saturday afternoon to brunch with your family on Sunday morning, this is a look that will turn heads and still be super comfortable.
Why does this look work?
It’s laid-back without being sloppy and it’s casual without it being too simple. On the flip side, the slim-fit TailoRED sport coat adds a certain polish to an otherwise simple and straightforward look.
The best part? When you get back home you can toss off the jacket and hit the couch to watch the game in comfort.
Where to wear this look
This is the perfect weekend look for a trip out to a casual lunch, walking around the city or to the coffee shop—and even to wear out on a low-key date or dinner at the bar.
How to create this look on your own
First, start out with a slim-fit and tailored sport coat that nicely contrasts the premium denim you're wearing (which should be slim, as well) and top it off with a comfortable fitted hooded sweater to complete the look.
This looks is constructed with Alberto Jeans, a Toscano hooded sweater and a TailoRED sport coat.