How Do You Wear A Grey Sport Coat? Tips & Tricks

How To Wear A Grey Sport Coat

We think grey sport coats are for everyone and for every season, but we are really loving them this summer. They are great pieces to dress up or dress down. What do we mean?

Well, let's talk about places to wear a grey sport coat.Need a nice coat for brunch? Grey sport coat. casual grey sport coat ticknors cleveland ohio

Need something nice for dinner with your in-laws? Grab the grey sport coat.

Want to wear something nice to a more casual wedding, yet still want to be the best-dressed there? (we get it, we always want to be best-dressed too!)

Grab your grey sport coat and head out. You’ll never regret choosing the grey sport coat this summer.  casual grey sport coat ticknors cleveland ohio

Why does it work? 

The grey sport coat is the right color for summer. Grey can be dressed down (like our model shows- a tee shirt and the right slim pants just make you look effortlessly cool) or dressed up when needed.

It’s also a great classic color that looks good day or night. The pocket square elevates this look- if you need something more low-key, swap out for something in the same grey tones or remove completely.

Where to wear this

Brunch with your buds, dinner with your in-laws, or a more casual date. Anywhere you want to look cool and put together while looking like you woke up like this.

It’s also a great piece for traveling- you can wear it in the airport, out to dinner, and around shopping at your favorite outdoor mall. 

How to construct this look on your own

This look is constructed with the Alberto Zimmi sport coat, a dsquared pocket square, Alberto tan denim pants, and a Paul Barakett v-neck tee.

How to add your own personality to this look

Again, this one really depends on where you are headed. If you head out to drinks with your friends, add some leather and stone bracelets to make it a bit more casual.

Headed to dinner? Chose a pocket square that compliments your dates outfit. You'll look effortlessly cool and styled without the hard work. Pair with a great dressy timepiece on your wrist and you'll knock everyone socks off. 

On your way to brunch with your folks? Swap the pocket square for one with brighter colors and floral patterns. Add a watch with a leather strap to match the casual vibe. 

We are really loving the grey sport coat this summer.

Tag us in your inspiration on Instagram with the hashtag #ticknorssummerstyle. Let's see how you use a grey sport coat in your wardrobe