How Do You Wear a Patterned Shirt?

How Do You Wear a Patterned Shirt?

bugatchi sport shirt

Patterns on shirts shouldn’t intimidate you - they should excite you. There are so many options to choose from so we understand a slight feeling of overwhelm but we are here to help!   

We know plenty of guys who shy away from choosing a patterned shirt to wear because they just simply don’t know how to wear them.

Well, we are here to offer some tips and tricks for you to use to make a great patterned shirt work for you.

The list is hard and long so make sure you write this down.

bugatchi sport shirt

1- find a pattern you like.

Who cares why you like it, just find a shirt that makes you stop and say “huh, that’s super cool” and start there.

bugatchi sport shirt

2 - put it on.

Wear it. Love it. Play around with accessories. Add a sport coat. Throw in a pocket square. Change it up. 

bugatchi sport shirt

3 - repeat.

And that's it. Really. That’s it.

Finding the “right” pattern isn’t as important as finding a pattern that speaks to you and making it work.

Like something more bold? Let’s party.

Want something with a smaller pattern and fewer colors? We dig the classic look and feel.

Want something in between? Perfect- you can go from day to night with ease.

bugatchi sport shirt


Why does it work?

Patterned shirts are a great way to add in personalization and look effortlessly stylish.

Find a great shirt (like this one here!) with an interesting cuff and it’s almost like you’ve found a second shirt. Roll the sleeves for a casual look or put a sport coat on over top if you want to “water down” the pattern.

bugatchi sport shirt

It works best if you keep your sport coat in the same color family as the primary color on your shirt, but that isn’t a hard-and-fast rule.

This look works because it instantly takes an outfit and adds flair, fun, and interest.

(And can always be used as a  great conversation starter with the right person.)

Where to wear this

If you add a coat, pocket square, and tie- you can wear this anywhere. Let us repeat- you can wear this anywhere.

Dinner with your wife, drinks with your friends, lunch with the CEO, or your cousin's wedding.

Remove the tie and pocket square and you’ve got an instant look for jetting around town or looking great while traveling.

Remove the coat all together and you have a great weekend look.

How to construct this look on your own:

Each of the sport shirts pictured here are from Bugatchi. You can catch them here, here and here.

If you need a great sport coat to match, stop in your local Ticknors store and get fit for the perfect coat. 

bugatchi sport shirt

How to add your own personality to this look

Where are you headed? If it’s the bar with your buds, lose the tie and add a watch with a canvas band. Bracelets also add a more casual feel.

Out to dinner with your wife? Add your sport coat and a pocket square to look (almost) as good as she does!

Adding a tie on to this makes it perfect for a business casual afterwork networking event.

Patterned shirts are really much more versatile than you can imagine. Find one you love and give it a try.

Tag us in your inspiration on Instagram with the hashtag #ticknorssummerstyle. Let's see how you make your patterned shirt look extra awesome.