What's a band collar and how do I wear it?

Clothing shouldn't be intimidating- but we know that isn't always the case. 

Sometimes, you see something super cool in a store and stop yourself from buying because you just aren't sure how to wear it.

We hear this about the band collar. How do you wear this style of shirt? Can I wear it solo or do I have to wear it under a jacket? What is the best color to choose?

mens clothing banded collar shirt

Let's start with the basics. What is a band collar? 

A band collar is a collar on a shirt that doesn't have a turndown collar. There are different variations of a band collar but we won't jump in to that (at least not for this blog post).

mens clothing banded collar shirt

Next up is how to wear this trend. 

  1. We like it with a jacket because a nice sport coat makes everything look better.
  2. Try to chose a solid color shirt at first. This makes it easier to integrate in to your wardrobe in an effortless way. 

mens clothing banded collar shirt

After that, styling is up to you! It can be worn in the same way you'd wear a turndown collar shirt without a tie.

It's easiest to slip on a nice sport coat, pick a great pocket square, and walk out the door. Once you feel comfortable with wearing it, try choosing a banded collar shirt with a pattern.


mens clothing banded collar shirt

Looking effortlessly stylish shouldn't be intimidating. Ticknors chooses great styles in fantastic patterns and prints to make it easy for you to try new trends and look amazing. 

And when you look amazing you feel amazing too. Tag us in #ticknorssummerstyle to show us how you wear your banded collars.