Fall Fashion Trend- leather coats that make you look like a bad boy

Each season, there are new trends that pop up. These could be new patterns, new fabrics, or a new fit.

However, there are also some trends that keep showing up and for good reason.

One trend we see each fall is leather coats. They keep showing up each fall season because they are great pieces in your wardrobe that just look so cool.

Leather coats are a great way to add edge to your look, making you look like a bad boy.

Making this look work is so easy it's scary. 

Step 1: find a great leather coat.

Color is your choice here- brown or black is really dependant on if you wear more grey tones or bluer tones. Stick with black for greys, a lot of whites, and primary colors.

If you wear more blues, browns, or muted colors you'd do best with a brown leather coat. (Looking for one? Check out our Remy leather jacket in brown here)

The right cut is also important. 

This works best if you opt for a bomber-style (like Jordan above!) This gives you an edgy yet polished look. Think bad boy Johnny Depp meets well-dressed Ryan Gosling. 

Classic meets edgy works so well. 

Dress it up by pairing your coat with suit pants and a tie (like Jordan did here).

Dress it down by pairing it with great dark denim and a tee. This is more of your casual edge. A great tee (like this Robert Barakett T-shirt) is perfect for a look like this.


Step 2: Wear it.

Seems easy, right? And it should be. Trends and looking great don't need to be hard or time-consuming.

Effortlessly stylish should be so easy you don't have an excuse not to.

Wear the accessories you want to personalize this even more.

Jordan picked a great watch with a leather band and a metal bracelet. Adding more of an edge to this look is a great way to stand out.

This is a great look for the fall. We'd love to see what looks you create with your leather jacket- hashtag #ticknorsfashionchallenge so we can see how you dress up (or dress down) your leather this fall.

Ready to give it a shot yourself? Check out this beautiful leather jacket from Remy, now available online and in store. 

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