Store Highlight- Beachwood, Ohio loves the uniqueness of their clients & here's why....

We know that you have your favorite local store, but we also thought it was a good idea for our Ticknors clients to get to know all the stores and the men and women that make Ticknors what it is today.

Take a look at our interview with Matt, Mark, and John at the Beachwood Ticknors store. 

Our first store to be highlighted is Beachwood, Ohio!

We spoke with Matt, John, and Mark last week and asked them some questions about why they love what they do, why their clients rock, and why Ticknors helps men look stylish no matter what they are doing.

They gave us candid answers (they had no idea what we'd ask!) and came up with some great responses. We spoke about why they love what they do, why their clients are the best, and how they work tirelessly to make their clients happy. 

First question: what do you like best about working at this location?

Matt: My favorite part of working here is the people we get to work with. We get a good mix- we get doctors and lawyers who need to beef up their wardrobe but we also get the kids who just graduated college and are starting out with their first professional wardrobe- so we get to cover a wide variety of people.

Johnny: I agree with the diversity of customers. It’s fun to work with kids going to homecoming, or the lawyer adding to his wardrobe this season. The camaraderie of the associates is also great as well. A lot of us have been here for years and it's like another family.

Mark: I like it because we are very busy and fast-paced. The sales associates all get along so well so it makes it great to come to work.

Next question: what makes your Beachwood clients so awesome?

Matt: The variety, again, is really cool. Also, they are all extremely friendly and receptive to styling. They are open to what I suggest and trust me to guide them in mens fashion. That makes it fun to work with each and every one. 

Johnny: They are so loyal- and this spans over the last 22 years I’ve worked here. They’ve followed me from different stores and different cities to work with me specifically. It’s been a blessing.

Mark: They are knowledgeable, but trust us to help them achieve the looks they want. They also trust us to suggest other items and looks that work well with what they are purchasing and what they currently own. They trust our expertise.

Next up: what do you do to make sure your clients have awesome experiences?

Matt: They’ll come in with a need and I listen- it’s about listening. Then it’s about delivering on what they want to purchase today but expanding on that. That means suggesting different looks for different occasions. For example, a suit can be so versatile and really changes when you just change up the shirt and tie. It’s about making sure that they don’t have one look when they walk out of here; it’s making sure they have looks to fit their life.

Johnny: I do my best to listen to their needs first and foremost. I come up with creative and fresh solutions to their wardrobe so they feel like they have a full and comprehensive wardrobe for the season. I want to make sure they also leaving knowing how to wear the looks I've helped them with.

Mark: I care. I want to make sure they get what they want and then more. If I don’t think it works for them I’ll be totally honest with them. I've worked this business long enough to see what works in styles and I am honest with my clients. I want to make them look the best they can look.

Last question: why do you think your clients care about having stylish clothes and trust Ticknors to provide that for them?

Matt: I think all of our clients want to look great no matter what they do each day. Whether they are going to work or going to dinner, they want to look great. We want to make sure that they feel stylish and comfortable no matter what they are doing.

Johnny: I think a lot of our clients view themselves as leaders in their fields and industries, and look to us to be leaders in our own industry with our knowledge of trends and fashion expertise. They also demand a certain level of expertise that we provide at Ticknors- we are fashion forward, knowledgeable, and round it out with top-notch tailors.

Mark: Because most of our customers care how they look. We aren’t a cheap store and for them to trust us with their wardrobe is something I take very seriously. They are out and about and known in Cleveland and they trust us to make them look amazing. They want to feel good and look good and know that we can do that for them since we've been doing it year after year.

Thanks to Beachwood for letting us chat with them about doing what they do best- helping Ticknors clients look their absolute best no matter the occasion.

Visit this location at: 26300 Cedar Road in Beachwood, OH. Give them a call at 216-514-7848. They'd love to meet you and help you with your styling needs! 


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