Three easy tips to create a stylish New Years Eve look!

New Years Eve is a great time to have fun with your style. It's a time to have fun while being excited about the happiness and fun that awaits us all in the next year!

Whether you are headed out on the town, to some glitzy gala, to your neighbors house, or hosting a party of your own looking stylish isn't hard.

We have a few tips that will help you look great no matter what you end up doing this New Years Eve.

NYE is also fun because it's the perfect time to play with pattern, color, and texture. It's a great way to introduce something new to your look to test it out.

You can look and feel like a million dollars effortlessly- read our tips on how to style your New Years Eve look! The tips are easy to follow and even easier to implement.

Tip #1 : Layer, layer, layer your look!

We talk about layering a lot, so it shouldn't be a surprise this is on the list. But it's for good reason, we promise. Layering your look is seriously so versatile it's hard not to add it to every single post with tips. Layering is a great way to transition a look from one occasion to the next. Don't believe it? Ok, let's talk about a scenario to make it make sense. 

So picture this: you get invited to a co-workers party at your local brewery. Sounds fun and relaxing, right? Then comes your invite to your girlfriends NYE  party, thrown by her parents at their lake house. No problem, you think. I'll just wear what I wore to the brewery and be fine. But then she tells you she is wearing a dress and heals. Ut oh! Just when you think you have a handle on your plans (and your outfit), that happens. But what if you get one more invite- your best friend invites you to a swanky club to watch the ball drop. What do you do?!

This isn't a time to panic or turn down plans because there is no way you can dress for all of it. Layer your look and be ready for all of your social commitments. How do you do that?

Let's deconstruct Johnny's look. He's got great dark jeans on, a fun shirt and tie, a more casual hooded knit, and a great dark grey sport coat. He looks styled, put together, but comfortable and confident. 

What would he wear to the brewery party? Take the sport coat off and rock the knit and sport shirt and tie look. The hooded knit makes the look casual and perfect for catching up and drinking craft brews. 

What would he wear to the party with his girlfriend? Remember, he needs to make a great impression on her parents so he can't just show up in anything! In this situation he could effortlessly wear the exact look above. The sport coat elevates the look and keeps it on par with a gorgeous girl in a dress, but the hooded knit adds an interesting element that is sure to strike up conversation.

Last party- the swanky club. Take the hooded knit off, tuck in that shirt one last time, and go right to the VIP section in the club. The sport coat, sport shirt, and tie look is so perfect for this type of event.

Now do you see why we love layering so much?

Our next tip is near and dear to our heart. Suits are never out of style! 

Tip # 2 : A well-fit suit is always stylish on NYE.

When in doubt, suit up. New Years Eve is a great time to bust out your best fit suit, pair it with a great dark sport shirt, and hit the town. You can jump from restaurant to nightclub with ease in a great suit.

This can also be a fun time to try combining different looks, like a polo with a suit (for more on this look, read out What I Wore Series with Jordan a while back) or even play with adding in fun fabrics, like this party jacket. 

A suit with a dress shirt and classic tie is a perfect look for a NYE gala affair as well. You can't go wrong with a black suit. You can look classically stylish in black, like Jordan shows us below.

The most important thing to remember is this: make sure your suit fits, and fits well. You can wear your best suit but if it doesn't fit the look won't be quite as stylish. And who doesn't want to look and feel like a million bucks in a stylish suit that fits your body like a glove? 

And our last tip is....

Tip # 3 : Be comfortable and stylish, but never frumpy!

This is an easy tip to follow - choose clothes that are both comfortable and stylish by looking to your hooded knits and trendy sweaters. Whether you choose to play with colors or stick to muted tones is up to you, just make sure they fit well. Comfort doesn't need to be sacrificed for style any longer!

Great knits like this Nicoby henley or Raffi knit henley work well when worn alone. You can add a knit over a sport shirt and look awesome while still being comfortable. Don't know quite where to start? We suggest starting with colors you like and feel comfortable in. Colors like browns and blues are versatile for so many people.

If you want to play with colors or patterns, try a knit in a solid color. Pair it with a complimentary sport shirt and look great. Your wardrobe should work with you not against you. The right pieces will make it effortless to look and feel stylish for all the occasions of your life!

We hope you have a great New Years Eve and look great while doing so. Ticknors has some great pieces in store so stop in and check it out! Better yet, save the wait and click here to make an appointment right from the comfort of your own home. That way you are certain you will get one-on-one attention and styling from our associates. 

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