How-to Wear Sweaters and Look Amazing this Fall: Mini Style Guide

How to wear sweaters and look amazing (not boring!) this fall.

It FINALLY feels like fall is at our door here in Ohio. It's cooler, the sweaters and light jackets are making an appearance, and the fall decorations are out in full force currently. 

This quick change in weather has actually made some of us panic, so if that's you, we've got you covered.

While it's not quite cool enough in most places for heavy sweaters, it's definitely time for those lightweight pullovers to come out to come out.

Here are some tips and tricks to making sure you look amazing and feel amazing in sweaters this fall. 

Tip #1: if you don't know where to start, start simple.

Layering a simple v-neck sweater in a basic color with a great button up is a great place to start. This look is casual since the button-up shirt isn't tucked in - but it can become polished with simply tucking it in. The grey is extremely versatile and the texture makes it interesting! 

Tip #2: you don't have to zip it up all the way.

Sweaters that zip up are an easy alternative to a lightweight jacket. They travel well, can be dressed up or down, and really compliment a great button up. But we encourage you to go against what you believe and not zip it up all the way.

Rebellious, we know. But the look works and easily takes your look from day to night this way. You're welcome. 

Tip #3: buttons are a mans best friend. 

Ok, that line may have been a bit overdramatic, but it's so easy to look effortlessly stylish when the pieces of clothing work for you. Don't shy away from buttons- they are a great way to add stability and support to your overall look.

Here we paired a lighter colored button up with an oatmeal sweater with large buttons to add to the overall look. The buttons play in to the color pallet and act as a sort of built-in accessory.

How to wear sweaters and look amazing is easy.

Remember our tips and find your fall pieces at Ticknors. Use the hashtag #ticknorsfallfashion and show us your best looks! 

We're happy to help you any way we can. Set up an appointment with a style advisor, walk in to any of our stores or check out the latest and greatest sweaters on our online store to get your wardrobe in check this fall! We're adding new inventory weekly, so be sure to check in on the website and in store frequently.


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